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  • Customers like
    • Internet speed when it works 8
    • No contract 6
    • Variety of channels 6
  • Customers don't like
    • Lack of problem solving 28
    • No solution to simple task 25
    • Argumentative customer service 21

Time warner are a bunch of idiots working really bad custoner service warning dont get cable no more buy an HD fire stick watch free tv and movies. Add comment

I have TWC internet and got a TWC letter offering bargain rate upgrades if I subscribed to TV. I spent 2 hours with a competent sales rep who checked and rechecked with supervisors about my account registration, my location, the TV and 50 mg internet plan he was offering to me. After my TV's were installed my internet speed was first cut off, then reactivated at 17 which was half the 35 I... Read more

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Whatever you do, do not get Time Warner Cable as your service provider. I have had so many issues and problems with them. This has been going on for months now and they never fix anything. Their lines are old and their dvr boxes and equipment are all refurbished and never work right. The HD channels are way over-compressed and motion scenes look blurry and pixelated. Even the 1080 and 720p... Read more

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TW is just a shell company in Yuma and customer service is non existent. Considering filing law suit for breech of contract. -2+ hours wait time in office -distributing inferior, inoperable equipment - understaffed with overworked employees who have no authority to remedy problems - not meeting service appointments/creating appointments without knowledge of customer - have a "district manager"... Read more

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i was just informed that I missed the first payment and that I'm no longer a "customer in good standings." I'm currently set up for automatic payment, and I've called for other reasons and had informed that there will be information sent regarding what to do next for the visa card ...only nothing was ever sent! The person was polite, and even said that she can escalate to the rewards team, but... Read more

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I was quite happy with Verizon Fos except their billing it was just bizzare every month adjustments which was driving me up the wall TWC walks in makes tall promises to which I was sucked in. The deal was transfer your services from Verizon to TWC we will retain the same phone no. triple play at $89.99 which includes your 2 box and a modem long distance International calls to some 30 countries... Read more

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I bought a Modem spent around $75 and invested few hours to set up my own modem to save the insane modem lease fee of $5.99 per month. I only realized 9 months later that they are still charging it and my bill went down because I got it of turbo and not because the lease fee wasn't charged anymore. I spent several hours (both chatting and talking to customer representatives) so far and looks... Read more

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Tried to reduce my cable bill, OMG took me 1 hour and 4 minutes, couldn't get the stated rates listed on their web site. They claim those rates are for new customers only, although that isn't stated anywhere. Was given a much higher rate by live rep, when i asked to speak to a supervisor. The rate went even higher, said he didn't know what the 1st rep offered and that it was the best he could... Read more

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I paid $213.00 and they deducted $150.00 from checking account which they said they wouldnt when i paid the $213.00. They say they are working on it but it takes about 5 days. Add comment

I don't understand.. I live about 60 miles from nearest City and used to use a Tower with Antenna system ..and AT&T doesn't have Internet available in my area.. So I got TWC Package program The Package I have is the Standard Cable , Internet and Phone and I am being charged $185 a month for this? When they say on Line, its only $89.99 mo? But being told that only for new Customers! How can they... Read more

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