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  • Customers like
    • Internet speed when it works 9
    • No contract 6
    • Variety of channels 6
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    • Lack of problem solving 29
    • No solution to simple task 26
    • Argumentative customer service 23

Why cant twc make a digital adapter to pick up signal with out useing there remote they suck they should build a adapter so you can use the remote that comes with you tv Add comment

I am on my second DVR recorder box in 60 days. They are the new Cisco boxes, piece of junk. Got my "new one" 20 days ago and you have to reboot it every time you want to use it. TWC is terrible!! Add comment

I just got a new dvr cable box and I already have to keep rebooting the box cause it keeps stopping. Add comment

I just spent hours trying to get the required adapters to work. I finally called TWC and got a technician. One TV was stuck on 95% scan and the other showed no signal. After one tv started working, I programmed the remote only to find that I had fewer stations than before hooking up the adapters. The representative told me that I would have to upgrade my service to get the stations that I used to have. FURIOUS! AND - I still have to have a tech come to the house to figure out why the one tv is stuck on 95%. Read more

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Just got off the phone with two representatives for their call center. Erika the sales person and Brandi the manager, I'm spelling it with an "i" for ***. I changed my service, removed DVRS, and had tech some out. I was promised it would lower my bill. But their backward practice bills for a month in advance at my old rate! I called to ask if the bill would be lowered and was met with some of the rudest most condescending passive aggressive "service" agents I've spoken to in years. And refusal to lower the bill or even offer a miniscule... Read more

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No it is still happening, the problem still exists. When you call them all they tell you is they see no outages. Even though you cannot get certian channels right as you are talking to them. The blame it on your house cables but that is not it as I have had them checked. I will be changing soon from Time Warner to AT&T like all my neighbors have and they get all there channels that they are paying for. I pay my cable bill but never get what I pay for. You would think that someone at Time Warner Cable would care but they don't. Read more

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I was promised a specific rate for my cable and internet service - good for ONE YEAR (Norman ID# 214402 - promise made on 4/16/15 - supposed to be good through 4/16/16). I have been grossly overcharged. Once I realized how much and how long they've been overcharging me, I called customer service LAST FRIDAY. After the first representative (Victor ID # 2603118) told me that was a "fairytale" (thanks for making me feel valued, Victor!), AND after I talked to THREE MORE representatives, and still hadn't gotten resolution, I was told by Philnesia,... Read more

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Time warner is a joke, I need regular landline phone an asked them twice that there is no modem (a huge box) they said no just go to time warner store an get a small box an hook up. Nope, I got a huge modem with tons of cords. When I called them the supervisor just kept telling me to hook it up an set tons of cords on my counter an absolutely no help an would not listen. I cancelled account Add comment

I have been a Time Warner customer for over 2 years due to lack of options. For the first year my box would shut off and reboot randomly every day. I placed numerous calls and all that was done was a signal was resent and my box was to adjust on its own and give me satisfactory service. Eventually a service tech came to my residence and was reluctant to change equipment. after a few adjustments, my cable seemingly worked, only to continue the same problem soon after. A few months ago i became aware that I had been paying for a 200 meg... Read more

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4/16/06 - Time Warner's Automated response to double charging its customers says they will reverse the charges 5 days after taking it from their customers. Time Warners customers are not in the lending business. Overcharged accounts showed up on a Saturday giving their customers no chance in contacting Time Warner or the customers banks as both entities are not holding business hours at the time the overcharge landed. If Time Warner has a minimum of one million customers with an average account of $200.00 monthly charge, that would amount to... Read more

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