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Apparently deadbeats had an acct at apartment. After 11+ phone calls, with 4+ transfers in most of those, speaking to sales, risk management, internet repair (?!), something mislabeled "customer care," all in repeating succession, AND after faxing very sensitive personal info (including ss#s & lease proving I'm not the deadbeat tenant), they still cannot activate service.

Each person on the call creatively made up various information. They did get the fax but it would take time to lift the hold. They did not get the fax. I need to talk to ___.

I don't need to talk to ___, I need to start over with sales.

And my favorite part. Several calls ended up with a transfer into oblivion, where I was greeted by the message "due to unforeseen circumstances, your call cannot go through at this time." And, from a quick glance at reviews, this is common "customer care" from this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $235.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Wow sorry to read about this experience, no I know I am not alone. I used to work for these guys as a sub-contractor.

They were the best company to work for in my 18 year career. Time Warner treated me well and paid on time with lightening speed. I was a

Time Warner customer for eighteen years. When I first tried to get cable hooked up, I waited three Saturdays in a row ...all day and the guy never came.

When I did get it hooked up it was s- - t from the get go. Eightee years I had Time Warner. I had over eighteen cable boxes changed out three modems and finally had enough. My bill went from $150.00 per month to $180.00.

A whopping increase. This was my excuse to rid myself of Time Warner once and for all. I went to ROKU and life is better. Our cable service and internet stink.

The signal is degraded where connectivity is lost all the time every day. At least I am not shoveling money to Time Warner. Now with ROKU I can activate Time Warner or any other network provider and I can get on-demand if I so choose. I went with Sling, Netflix, and HULU.

There is a portal called PLUTO and everyone should check this out. You can install PLUTO on any device. There are a lot of channels for free. There is a movie icon on the upper left in PlUTO, hit that and there are oodles of free movies.

If you do the 30day trial make sure you add Maddy G TV. There are a lot of really good exclusive shows on there. The more you play with ROKU the more you will discover, and the more you will like ROKU. Time Warner is now called Spectrum.

I call it Speculum. I can't believe the tons of mail they send to us almost every day, addressed to "Valued Customer." They call us and beg us to come back. Now I have the pleasure of telling them to take a long walk off a short pier. I'll never go back to Speculum ever.

Soon there will be "over-build" which will enable me to go with a competitive vendor. I can't wait for that!

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