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Update by user Oct 18, 2012

As of today October 17th, nothing has been done by TWC to address the problem of re-booting the cable box. Each time I call they say turn in the box and get another.

A total run around.

This problem as you can see is happening all over the country. Sad to say they seem to be uninterested in correcting the problem.

Original review posted by user Sep 17, 2012

For about 2 or 3 months, I've had to reboot my cable box because when I use the remote it won't turn on, even when I press the power button on the box, it still won't......it works for 2 or 3 days, then I have to reboot again. I've tried 2 different boxes....(samsung and cisco) and get the same with both boxes. I live in Manhattan and have friends who don't live near me who have the same problem.......it has to be in their system.......any others here who live in Manhattan who have experienced the same problem?

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Killeen Texas I have traded in boxes from Cisco. to Samsung and now Explorer...all three of them freeze up and I have to reboot.. Spectrum people act like its an unusual problem but now I see across the country everyone has the problem, and the darn Explorer box is not even as good as the Samsung was.


My cable box worked perfectly fine until Spectrum took over and it has been a total nightmare since !! I'm fed up and switching to satellite!!


I'm in Greensboro, NC and just got TWC because my apartment complex has some contract with them. For the past month I've had to reboot almost daily.


I live in Raleigh, NC. I have to reboot daily to get the system to operate....Then it doesn't fwd or rwd or record well.

I've had three boxes.

Last time I scheduled an appointment for a tech. I took off from work for a 1-2pm slot.

At 2:30 I called and they gave me a hum-haw. I hung up on them and have continued to reboot.


As of 2015 the problem still continues, as usual TWC is on top of it. Lol

North Providence, Rhode Island, United States #996593

Everyone should boycott this company and put them out of business.


Its sad I pay over $200.00 a month just for basic cable and can't watch a single program without it messing up.over 2 years . I think its time for satalite TV.

Harlingen, Texas, United States #963609

I have had the same problem going on 4 months now. They have come and switched all my boxes (3 of them) and it is still freezing after an hour...maybe 1 1/2 hours. It is annoying and I feel that if I have to pay the amount I pay then all my boxes should be working at all times.


They are saying its due to bad refurbished boxes. But not sure.


We cannot watch an hour of television without having an issue, we have had techs come out about 8 times in ten months, their equipment and service leaves a lot to be desired. The techs are cool but the phone reps are rude, and hard to understand...

the motto they use "enjoy better," is disgusting. What a crock of ***.

Total loser company Only reason we have them is because we are not allowed satellite within our condo complex... i want to move just to get rid of this trash company.

to hatetimewarnercustomer Rowland Heights, California, United States #946533

This problem is STILL happening! It is 2015 and I am in Los Angeles.

I have had to call tech support 17 times in two weeks. All of the representatives seem dumbfounded. Techs have been out and they too have to get on their work phones to call upper management for help.

This is ***. We are going to switch providers.

to Anonymous #990957

I have the same problem . Infact its rebooting right now... And I'm in LA also.

to Anonymous #1080932

Same here!! It's December 2015 and I've been having the exact same problem for at least 2 years.

I've had the boxes and remote controls switch out numerous times. Shoddy *** equipment...

to Anonymous #1084768

I live in Santa Monica, California (Los Angeles area) and have had to schedule and wait for a tech six times this month. I've reset the box about 6 times a day.

Sometimes for many hours at a time I have "Will be available shortly" on almost every channel. Usually, just before a tech comes out the picture becomes perfect on all channels. They have rewired everything and told me my box does not need replacing. I've been told confidentially that it is a signal problem affecting a much larger area than my home but that Time Warner doesn't plan to fix it for several months.

Time Warner is required to escalate the issue higher up the food chain for repair each time a tech comes out and the issue still isn't repaired. The techs are very hard working, underpaid and seemingly honest. I'm even being told that I'm getting a more senior tech and then a "supervisor" each time someone comes out (requiring cleaning my home and staying by my landline each time -- with sometimes a 3 day wait). Yet, I'm being shown no paperwork to sign with each visit, and will sometimes get no i.d.

from the tech (for example, the "supervisor" ignored my polite request for a business card and i.d. # and drove off in his Time Warner vehicle after throwing a fit and trying to make it look like I was the problem). Then when I call Time Warner's customer reps I'm told that I cancelled four our of the five scheduled tech visits. I tell them a tech was in my home rewiring for over 1.5 hours twice, but that means nothing to me.

Nor do the other times the tech showed up when I actually got their i.d. number and want the customer rep to put it in the report on my account. If I ask that, the customer rep often gets panicky and hangs up. I make it clear I am not blaming the tech, I just want proof there was a visit in the record and that I didn't cancel it.

I suspect Time Warner is currently violating some FCC reporting rules and wants no record of this.

to hatetimewarnercustomer #1617798

Our box in one room has to constantly reboot, channels freeze up, and if we pay cable why should we be subjected to soooo many commercials?

New York, New York, United States #693675

The same thing happens to us every single day. Either we get a black screen and/or the picture freezes and looks like puzzle pieces.

We've gone through numerous TWC boxes and still the same problem.

We're just waiting for Verizon to make its way into our building so that we can switch asap. I hate TWC.


I have to reboot my box several times a day. Had a tech come out and he removed a splitter.

He said it would still occasionally need rebooted but not as often. Today so far I have done it 7 times so the problem didn't get better it got worse.

Dayton, Ohio, United States #615499

Same issue in Dayton OH. "No signal" requiring manual reboot of box almost daily.

(Box has been switched out for new one, did not resolve the issue.) Aggravating, but sadly have become used to it. Was acutally hoping to find a discussion in which someone pointed out a trick I wasn't aware of. Instead I just find that I have a lot of company in many locations, that this is not a localized issue.

(Not exactly consoling, but I suppose the insight it provides is of some value.) Happy rebooting, all! ;)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #611651

Same problem here

Windham, Maine, United States #601599

I have this issue, I have to re-boot between 3 - 5 times a week. We have had a tech come out twice and test the signal and found nothing wrong.

He ended up telling me that next time this happens, don't reboot, just have them come out to test it. My issue with that is that when I call to get a tech out, it take between 3 - 5 days to get one of them out, so basically I have to go 3 to 5 days with out cable.

I ended up talking with a tech friend of mine and its the software that they are using. As he was discussing with me is that they are small computers and they just don't dump their memory.

Overall, I think its *** poor and I almost wish I did not move out of Connecticut and away from Cox communications.

I never once had this issue and they are over all several years ahead of TW with everything dealing with cable. Unfortuently, I have not been able to find another cable company here in ME to replace TW.

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