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Update by user Oct 18, 2012

As of today October 17th, nothing has been done by TWC to address the problem of re-booting the cable box. Each time I call they say turn in the box and get another.

A total run around.

This problem as you can see is happening all over the country. Sad to say they seem to be uninterested in correcting the problem.

Original review posted by user Sep 17, 2012

For about 2 or 3 months, I've had to reboot my cable box because when I use the remote it won't turn on, even when I press the power button on the box, it still won't......it works for 2 or 3 days, then I have to reboot again. I've tried 2 different boxes....(samsung and cisco) and get the same with both boxes. I live in Manhattan and have friends who don't live near me who have the same problem.......it has to be in their system.......any others here who live in Manhattan who have experienced the same problem?

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #593706

I also have to reboot my TWC box every now and then. I feel we should all get a credit on our bill since we are not getting the service we are paying for.


same here. Have replaced boxes to no avail.

reboots needed every day or other day. they claim its my wiring now, bulllshit.

They are not able to deliver biugfree digital service and they are not accountable.

Carrollton, Texas, United States #582823

We have the same issue. We can't make it through a full hour of TV without the picture freezing and the box rebooting.

Total POS.

I would pay extra to get my 5 year old hardware back but they say it is no longer an option. They rushed to get their wifi out to compete with dish and neither company has a working solution.

Same here. I constantly have to reboot my box and it gets annoying.

I cannot believe how bad their service is. I used to have dish and it was so much better and cheaper. Unfortunately I now pay $60 more a month for less channels, box I have to reboot constantly, and terrible service.

The apartment I live in now would only allow TWC. I wish there was something I could do :(

Ever since the recent cable box upgrades the TWC box will freeze up, not respond... or if it does it would take up to 10 minutes unless I reboot the system.

This happens almost three times a week now whereas it would be once every 4 months before. Whoever tested this upgrade didn't spend enough time on it, it's obviously resource hungry.

to DBM New York, New York, United States #594647

The problem did start when they made a deal with Samsung re: cable boxes. someone messed up the programming of the system and hasn't tried to fix the problem. Unbelievable that they don't seem to give a ***....!!

Having the same problem in west central Ohio on a daily basis. :? I think TWC has got so big they can no longer manage themself or there equipment.
to Tired Of It Marysville, Ohio, United States #668095

I have had the same problem and different box sent out. I'm sorry but their customer service and quality is not great anymore. Plus every bill and Im sure iam not alone,we keep getting these charges for dvr recorder going up and this and that.

Bill suppose to be $87.00 a month and now 115.09 with out me using On Demand services


Yes, have been having the problem on and off for a few months.


same problem in richmond hill queens with Time Warner cable. been through two boxes in two months.

First kept rebooting; next one needed daily reboot, now down to every other day.

Downstairs box now needs reboot every day to every other day. My neighbors have same issue.

to anonymous New York, New York, United States #585907

yes, same problem w/ TWC. box needs reboot at least once a week.

did not used to do that. live in manhattan UWS.

to twc customer #838396

Same issue in Elgin SC can't wait for my contract to end..

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