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Today I had my service disconnected like so many others. Could have been totally avoidable had anyone tried to contact me.I am one of the most hard working people that anyone will ever come across.

My bills are always paid on time never late nor missed. Well once my service was disconnected naturally I called. I came only to find out that I was told 7 months ago my plan changed. Funny I never changed it.

I was told not only did I change it but I put a password as well. No matter what I said the guy on the phone as well as the supervisor absolutely said i in fact did do it and I also knew about it for the past 7 months and didn't pay. So my new bill is $330 why? Because Every month there was a balance and now of course late fees added to that, and naturally they also never received the last payment as well.

No matter what I said of how I was never notified of the original change which where the fact thta my plan changed resulting in my bill going from 130 to 160??? Can they just do that? well they did, and unless I wanted service restored and my good name not tarnished I had to pay no matter what?

ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! I disconnected service and will go back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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