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Started back with Time Warner have what they refer to as phantom recordings. Recordings that no one has recorded .But yet record and will not let your shows tape because dvr is busy.

The shows that you have recorded you will not see the end, they cut off before it is completed. Their solution go into settings and make them run over scheduled time. Problem now you can't record the following show because it is a conflict. Their box is only good for 1 show at a time and yet they tell you 2.

Pay for 2 get 1 and a lot of SORRY that is all they can do. Every employee will tell you that is why they have 2 boxes in their houses. Consumer Beware !!!!

You need 2 boxes if you want to record 2 full shows. Consumer Help NO HELP just Sorry

Monetary Loss: $100.

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One of the many reasons why I love my Tivo boxes soooo much! There is no other dvr that can do all that my Tivo does.

GET TIVO, I can't recommend it enough, Netflix streaming, Amazon Video, YouTube vids, Buy movie tickets, listen to podcasts, Pandora, view your photos on your tv, play games, download music vids. (no I don't work for Tivo, LOL)

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