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I have documented multiple technicians, customer service calls and supervisor calls. All I want is a specific DVR that has been recommended to me.

I have had the same DVR for several years, and it is probably shot! Yet I keep paying for the same DVR. They are making money on all of us who make do with the old equipment. I NEED a new DVR.

Simple answer, but they are so cheap they will not give me a new piece of equipment. The techs tell me that certain ones are better than others.

My neighbors, too. I want a class action suit, I think there will be plenty to join on.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #636073

I had a similar issue. Have them check the signal strength at your house.

I took the DVR to the office myself to have it changed after being told on the phone it was shot. Turns out the old one was good and the signal strength on their lines was the problem. I lost all the shows I had recorded for no reason. The DVR boxes won't even play recorded content if the signal to them isn't right (if your neighbors have problems too that may be the cause).

I had issues with phone, cable and internet for over a year. Techs would come and tell me it was a neighborhood problem and that TWC wasn't fixing it b/c there weren't enough digital subscribers in my area. They sure didn't have problems charging me full price every month though.

Service is better now but still not great. Their prices continue to rise and customer service, like the service they sell continues to decline.

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