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Update by user Feb 08, 2017

Apparently the $30 less tier has been taken off the table and I'd still basically be paying the same for the still reduced channel lineup that still has some basic cable channels missing. Even more perplexed.

Original review posted by user Jan 20, 2017

Got the new Spectrum lineup offers today. These are options that are separate from the ongoing Time Warner lineup that are still available.

Turns out 2 of the channels I like watching, 1 that was standard on every package except the starter package, are now only available for about $30 more. Which is not only higher than the reduced packages I was told were coming, but actually about $10 higher than my last bill. They also totally removed the music radio channels that were a nice option to have besides regular cable TV. I can get a different deal for about $30 less.

It's actually around the same price I was paying around 3 months ago. It does have one channel that is similar to the channel they dropped, but I'm not sure if I want it. Not sure what I should or want to do. Person I'm living with wants to cut the cord, but I gotta admit I got some upcoming stuff that I really want to see on television soon.

The great deals that the TWC agent told me were coming, haven't shown up. Seriously thinking of cutting the cord.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Tv Package.

Reason of review: Channels removed..

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Franklin, Wisconsin, United States #1276951

Check out the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV box. A ton of options to watch, some pay for service is available, but at a MUCH lower cost than TWC/Spectrum.

We recently went with the Fire Stick. Paid about $30 or $40 for it. NO other monthly costs for the stick or access to the usual stuff. Can pay for other options if we want it.

We are opting for Sling TV at $30/mo. Gives us tons more options to watch, and has our sons fav programming in it. No commitment, can cancel the sling TV any time.

BTW, I did a lot of comparisons/research between the Fire Stick/TV, Chromecast and Roku. Roku & Amazons were about the same, but since I have the Prime Membership with Amazon, it edged out Roku for us personally.

We cut the cord with TWC/Spectrum and went with another company for internet access only. Well worth it!!

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