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I believe time warner (spectrum) is trying to force people to use their online payment service to steal money. I use the USPS to mail my bills to them and they told me my payments never arrive.

Horse shit---in 45 years of mailing mail for bills I've never had one bill NOT show up...the only plausible reason this would happen is so they can charge and inflict a late fee...I have contacted the post master general...and I will proceed to investigate why a simple one stamp letter is not getting to it's destination when every other mail I send out is not having this problem.

Something stinks here..and I think it's called spectrum cable...I hope somebody in authority wakes up and checks this out...I spell a rat and so do many others. I won't be forced to allow companies to deduct my money from my accounts...I have a flawless bill paying record..and I'll drop spectrum long before I succumb to their sneaky tactics.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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