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Time Warner Cable - Customer Care Review from Overland Park, Kansas

Based on opportunity to save some $, I initially elected to transfer my service back to TWC from AT&T. This followed an initial election to leave TWC 2 years ago due to horrible service, support and problem resolution - internet and cable, billing, responsiveness, etc. Thankfully, thru the transfer process, I was reminded from NUMEROUS experiences, that TWC has not improved in any way and is still horrible on all of these fronts. I was able to discover this in time to cancel the transfer of service and keep my account with AT&T. I would STRONGLY recommend NOT utilizing TWC. They do not honor commitments, are inconsiderate, lacking in ability to resolve issues, and generally do not care about the customer. Any additional cost to utilize AT&T or other providers is well worth it. You get what you pay for, and in the case of TWC, that is an extremely disappointing and horrible experience.

Time Warner Cable in Kansas City, Kansas - Internet

I'm a time warner user and I have to say this is the worst internet I have ever had I have been trying to watch a movie on my tablet for the last hour every 2 minutes it has to stop and rebuffer and then the Internet completely droppes out and it's restart time again it's only 930 in the evening not even peak time every day at this time I have problems when I call in I'm told it will be looked into it seam to work better for maybe one day and them it's back to the same
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Time Warner Cable - Twc Cancellation Policy Review from Shawnee, Kansas

After 12 years of being a Time Warner customer, we swtched to Google Fiber. Two weeks later we received our final bill from Time Warner, less than a week later we receiver a bill from a collection agency demanding payment on the Time Warner account. Sadly this is the way time warner conducts business with its customers. Twelve years of loyal patronage, never once being late with a payment, and yet turned in to a collections agency after less than 3 weeks of discontinuing service. Please share this story with friends, I know I Will!
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Time Warner Cable in Overland Park, Kansas - Service Call Disaster

Cable out Wednesday. 30 minute wait to get service call scheduled for 9:00 AM Thursday. Made provisions to get off work Thursday morning. TWC later called and rescheduled for 2:00 PM Thursday, and was told technician would call 30 minutes ahead of time so I went to work. At 2:10 PM received call stating no one was home so tech was leaving (no 30 minute advance call was received). Took 1 hour 15 minutes to get service call rescheduled for Friday 1:00 PM and was told technicians do not call ahead of time. Took off work; at 1:45 Friday called TWC to check on call and was told work order was for Saturday 8:00 AM. And TWC wonders why everyone is moving to Google Fiber!
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Time Warner Cable in Leavenworth, Kansas - Incompetence at its finest

I have had TWC service for many years and recently upgraded to the Triple Play package for $89.99/month. I opened my latest bill to discover I'm being overcharged to the tune of $211 per month because they didn't package the services. A talk with 3 separate customer care representatives resulted in the services being bundled under this month's price of $99.99. I demanded my account be credited for Time Warner's mistake! Customer Care was only able to credit an amount pro-rated off of the $99.99 monthly charge, not the overcharged amount. I was furious - not with the representative or her supervisor - I was and am angry with TWC for demonstrating such ***-poor customer relations. Heck, one person told me my service had been disconnected since 2011! Unbelievable. If there was ever an example of why monopolies are bad news in a capitalist market, Time Warner is a perfect specimen. I do not want these people controlling the internet, of all things. The order in which the TV channels are listed doesn't even make sense. How can they make the internet any better? They can't.

Time Warner Cable in Kansas City, Kansas - Terrible customer service

There was a big storm last week, my cable, internet & phone went out. I called TWC they told me there was an area outage. I called everyday, everyday I was told the same thing. I was speaking to someone who was outsourced and clearly reading from a manuscript. No real answers. 6 days NO service. On my last call, I demanded I get a tech out to my house. The customer service lady this time was helpful and accommodated my wishes. The tech was great. The tech told me there was a surge, replaced several components, and fixed the problem within several hours. I feel TWC has no customer services checks and balances. If they did, I would have never gone with so many calls/days of complaints without resolve!! Not to mention that each call had long wait times. So much of my time waisted due to TWC laziness!!!

Time Warner Cable - Cable Service Review from Overland Park, Kansas

Account # 8034073192. Time Warner did my instalation March 2014 .technician did not know how to connect computer on line. Stated he would send his supervisor that Monday. Never happened. I called help from phone tech and he knocked my windows out of my computer . My computer is locked up with alll my informattion. Most of all out of computer plus time warner cable reported to equfax etc. I owed them 2000.00 in 2012/13 when in fact they overcgarged me this amount and more disregarding me as a customer taking of disabled senior female.vietnam veteran wrong and said my responbility to fix my computer which was operating before instalation.

Time Warner Cable in Kansas City, Kansas - Poor poor movie selection

i am retired and have some free time for movies but the, hbo and cinemax, movie selection is not working well...At All...well, i tried to keep it short but now i have to on n on n n on n on n on...come on, i dont talk this much... nice day outsise, a bit humid not cold at least... the way i see it for what im paying there would and should be a better movie selection...i am currently watching "volcano for about the fifth time...what the heck...??? and it was not that good the first time
My internet went out on July 01, 2011 with Time Warner. I use Majic jack as my phone through the internet and netflix to watch tv shows and movies through the internet of Time Warner. I had to use my net10 prepaid cell to call them to report the out and had to wait 30...
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TWC will probably give you credit for any days you were without service. Call them and ask.


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