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My cable was not working well and so I called and explained the situation, pixelation, hanging image, sometimes what I call the Max Headroom effect, blue screen, etc. A very nice tech came out on January 2, 2019 and changed some of the connectors saying that they were old. "Okay", I said. Then he said there was static on the line and checked my connection in the "green box" that is in the next yard over. "You have static on the line". "Okay, so what does that mean?" "That usually means there is a cut somewhere". So he laid down a new cable, but he is not the one to bury it. He spent just over an hour here.

I asked him just before he left, "So when will someone be out to bury the line?" "I don't know", he said. "Sometimes it can be the next day and sometimes it can take a couple weeks, someone will call you to schedule the appointment". "Okay", I said.

The next day I am at my computer in the middle of something at 4:30 PM and suddenly my doorbell goes off. I go and ask who it is, but can't really tell what he said even though there was only a thin pane of glass between us. I asked again and again, I couldn't hear him. I saw the shirt he wearing and stepped out although I wasn't very comfortable doing it. He said he was here to bury the cable.

"Right now?", I said. "I thought someone was calling?" "Well yeah, I was going to do it right now". As I took him out back to see where it was, I told him I had been up sick all night, which I was and there were heavy objects in the yard that had to be moved in order to put this line down. I explained that because it's also a tiny yard and there's more work to do in the yard and didn't want it damaged again, so it has to go in a particular place. "I said, I am not really up for this right now and I was right in the middle of something when you showed up. Can we reschedule for tomorrow?" "Let me call my boss", he said. I waited and heard him talking to someone to reschedule. I had to go into the house and so he came and rang the bell again. "Are we OK for tomorrow?", I asked. "Ya, we're all set", he replied and I asked his name, shook his hand and gave him my name. I said thank you and I'll see you tomorrow.

Friday came and went. No call, no show. Saturday late morning I called the customer service number for Spectrum/Time Warner. Turns out I was never on the schedule for Friday. I was on the schedule for Saturday. "Okay", I said. "You're sure?" "Yes, definitely" came the reply. While the person was very nice, I was treated to a lecture on how "this isn't how we normally do this". Little did I know I would have to endure the same lecture each time I called.

I explained the situation the same each time, including to the fellow that showed up on Thursday. There are 3 locked gates I have to open, no I can't leave them open. One belongs to the neighbor and I have a swimming pool and unlocked gates are liability, we have had numerous issues in the neighborhood and the neighbor on the other side is an issue to say the least. I have a tiny yard. I have more work to do in that yard including installing fence, among other things, so it has to go in a certain spot. There is a large flagstone I have to move because I don't want it broken. I have other large objects that need moving and other things to do ahead of someone coming. I also don't want someone in my yard when I'm not here. Since I am here often all you need to do is tell me which day.

Right. I called back about 5 PM. "Well, they work until 8 PM so there's still time". Again with the lecture, again with my explaining. Eight O'clock showed up, the guys did not. I actually called back at 5 minutes to 8, knowing full well they weren't showing up. "Well, we're sorry about that and I am going to escalate this for you, dispatch will call you at 9:30 tomorrow morning". "No they won't", I said. "I'm not taking a call at 9:30 on a Sunday morning. I'd rather not have to deal with this at all on Sunday, especially after sitting here for two days, but it looks like I have no choice. I'll take a call at 11 AM.

Right. Eleven AM comes and goes, no call. I call again. "Well, we're sorry about that and they are working the ticket". "How long does it take to work a ticket?, I ask. "Well, yours isn't the only one. They will call you." At that point I asked for a supervisor. She was very nice, just like the rest and escalated it for the third time. Again, I got the, "this isn't how we normally do things lecture". Again, I explained.

As it turns out, dispatch called while I was on the phone with the supervisor. I got a rather curt voicemail barking orders at me as to what was expected of me and that they would be out between 8AM and 8PM.

Can anyone guess what happened? Right. Absolutely nothing. No call, no show for the third day in a row. To say that I am pissed would be an understatement. I made this easy. I was available. I moved things as soon as I knew they were coming so that there wouldn't be any more delays. I'm am not entirely sure who is responsible here and I'm not out to shoot the messenger. I suspect that dispatch needs to get the chip off their shoulder for one thing.

Customers are not a one size fits all and there are circumstances that don't fit the norm. Lecturing us about it will not change that. I was more than willing to work with people here. If you promise something, you better keep your promise. If you can't keep that promise then you better call and say so and rework it. That really isn't difficult, but it does take integrity.

I assume that Spectrum/Time Warner wants to have their time valued. Well, I want my time valued too. I just lost 72 hours of my time and that doesn't include any addition time spent in dealing with this. That is time I will NEVER get back.

For the record, when I heard from dispatch, albeit snarky, I called to leave a message for the supervisor. Needless to say, I'll be doing that again in a minute. Holy cow Spectrum/ Time Warner really horrible!!! I know a couple people in the media. Perhaps they would like to hear about this experience. I'm quite sure many others have probably gone through the same thing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $72.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Customer service not knowing what to do.

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