I moved into an apartment complex which receives free services for the manager, owner etc... I know this because one of the family members told me this as long as they were not named.

They specifically tell you that if you don't use T/W for your T.V. and internet, you will be charged a separate fee for using sattelite i.e. Direct T.V. and Dish.

They want a $350.00 deposit for fence repair/damage that can occur when they mount the dish. The only thing is they bolt it to the fence and there is NO WAY this damages the fence. Several people who paid this deposit, and moved out, never got it back, even though there was no damage to the fence. The point is that t/w gives these services free to the managers and owners to force you to use their service.

A lot of these people are on fixed incomes and cant afford all this ***. Its ridiculous for t/w to do this. They are so money hungry that they would put people in a position to use their service and price the other options out of reach.

The management would not be charging this " deposit" if it wasn't getting free cable, so you cant blame it on the management. Its a direct result of the greedy jerks at t/w.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Tv Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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