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I had service for a year under the 49.99 internet only. It was okay, and I needed it as I worked from home.

When my bill went up to 69.99 I called to ask if there was any way they would consider lowering that as I am now retired on a (very) limited income and using my internet (very) rarely. The girl on the line answered me very rudely and even laughed. I get it but I am using very little internet per day. I'm not downloading large packets of info, or videos or music.

Just basically checking my email. It didn't warrnat that kind of a response. Today looking over my last 6 months of bills I find constant 2 -3 dollar charges so that my $69.99 bill always ends up as $ 73 - $ 75. As the saying goes, must they squeeze you to get that last tiny drop of blood?

There are no breaks, when the brother finally took over the business, he mercilessly got rid of any breaks for anyone.

I wish they would start regulating it like they did Ma Bell back in the olde days and break it apart, there is no room for the little guys and those big internet provides know they can squeeze you as hard as they want. You are at their mercy whlie they nickel and dime you to death.

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