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I moved to my home in February 2015. The previous owner had DISH, but we went with Time Warner for cable, internet and phone. In the front yard there were several PVC pipes sticking out along with several orange cables that one of the techs installing told me was theirs. I began calling to get the pipes and wires buried. They are in the way when mowing and are an extreme eyesore. I called numerous times and was always told they would get it done. They never did. When I called back they would tell me that there records showed it had been completed. I finally started keeping detailed notes of my calls.

I called in late July and was told someone would be there on 8/5. No one showed. I called on 8/13 and was told that they don't set an exact date, but that the order was placed in the "Que", and they have 14 days to complete once ordered. We were past that. I was told they would put a rush on it and the representative told me she would call me a couple of days later to see if it had been completed. She never called.

I called on 10/15. The representative told me the last entry on my account was 8/5 and showed it had been taken care of. She said she would have the supervisor look into it. She told me I would be placed on the "immediate" list and that it should be completed that week. She told me she would call me back once she heard back from the supervisor. She never called. Around 10/19 some technicians came by and advised my son that our cable and internet lines were not long enough and they were connecting longer lines. They did "tidy" up a couple of the lines sticking out of the pipe out front by putting zip ties around them, but did not bury them.

On called again on 11/23. The representative told me that the bury order showed it had been completed on 10/19. I took the attached photo which clearly shows it has not been completed. I was told another order would be placed and someone should call me in a day or so. I'm not holding my breath.

I am, however, seriously considering going to DISH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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