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TWC is changing people extra on they're bill. I had arrangements for to payments. One was $157 was past due, so the agent allowed me to pay $78.88 on 10/05/16 & pay $78.87 on 10/10/16 . I made the irs payment with my debit card and the one on the 10th i paid with my daughters card , but they took it out of both cards and still tell me im still past due of $265 after 2 days im back past due . Makes no since of how they charge you in advance.
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What station is today's playoff game on? We have Time Warner why don't we get the game on television. How much more money do have to pay to watch the playoff games. Am I being *** to think we should get the playoff games on TV? I have searched the cable stations and none of them show the game. I went to the MLB network and I get a message to telephone Customer Care to receive this channel. Fox Sports one channel 400 is showing a FIFA game. Does...
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I didn't like
  • Television access
I was overcharged by time warner cable. Only getting basic tv, Internet and phone they charged me 200-300 dollars a month for something I never ordered or recieved. I cancelled everything lady year and bill should have been 100$ a month max. I was taking care of my 90 year old father and sister that has rheumatoid arthritis .. I have a lot on my plate. I called and was routed to overseas person in the Philippines that was unable to speak proper...
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Time Warner Cable internet Review

The internet constantly times out and has to be reset several times a day.

Time Warner Cable Television Review

Horrible cistumer service today i was suppost to get 4 tvs serciced with them bu only 1 ofnthem geta all chanels and theybsend me to a store that closed manynyears ago 3113 west ball road anaheim ca what a wasted of my time. Not very professional customer service

Other product Review

Time warner customer service is horrendous....regardless of what tier service you're paying for....smh.

Time Warner Cable Billing Department Review

We put our account on autopay and twc cancelled our service for non payment. Every time we called customer service to ask why the bill was showing we had an unpaid balance they said it takes a couple months to reconcile. They said don't worry. The system will correct. It never reconciled and twc cancelled our service. No explanation
The worst experience of my life. About to have a heart attack. They have showed up or have been called upon 9 different times in less than 4 weeks. The first tech nailed down the wires over my wall let me repeat that he nailed down all the wires over my wall and I live in Beverly Hills. The worst of the worst can't match these people and this Comapny. I am about to have a heart attack. 4056200511 My number
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Horrible company, i swithched from direct tv with apromise of lower bill and 300. 00 visa for switching. I got the bait and switch method done. After 2 months of checking status of card i was told i dont qualif and my bill is higher that direct. That the only reason i switched. I called to speak with supervisor and was hung up on and rerouted. I hate hate hate companies that take the consumer for granted. I made a complaint which i know is...
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I didn't like
  • Were not able to offer any solution
  • Made no attempt to correct it
  • Waste of my time
TWC is famous for starting your service and then...on a monthly will start to notice creeping surcharges on your bill. It's never a lot. Just a few cents here and a few cents there. Small penny charges which they say are Taxes and Gov't fees and out of their control. So be prepared peasants. Not only do these cable/internet organizations divide up their territories so you are limited in your choices of providers, but they slowly...
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I liked
  • Internet speed and stability
I didn't like
  • Contanst increase in billing charges
  • Remote charges i mean come on its paid for by now
  • Set top box charge come on its paid for by now
In late Aug 2015 I was selling my current home and moving five miles to another. I had DISH cable service. I called Time Warner and was told I was eligible for a package including cable with a $300 prepaid Visa card reward. I signed up. Within a few days I completed paperwork on line and via mail and sent it to them. Two to three weeks later I went on-line and did not see any record of my $300 paperwork. I called customer service and they...
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I didn't like
  • Being lied to
  • Lied to me to get me to sign up
  • Lied about notifying me i was ineligible for reward card
My router went out and I didn't know. I called timewarner and was told I needed to upgrade. That was a lie and at first the charge was $30 and when I complained it went down to $10. I am on Social Security and how do you do that to people. I got rid of cable and my phone. Don't you get the message. When anything else comes along, I am dumping you. We are the generation that brought you into this world and you make our retirement not worth living
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I didn't like
  • No concern that they had lied to me
-Hello. I just received my $300 Visa Reward Card today and I am very happy it arrives earlier than I have expected (didn't wait for 4-6 weeks). I have completed the 90 days and for you to be able to receive the said $300 reward gift card you should receive a redemption code 2 weeks after installing your Time Warner Cable services and register at You will receive the redemtion code in a postcard and/or email.. Enjoy...
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Time Warner quotes different rates baits you along to see what they can get out of you. They claim there ap's on smart tv's are so good but most smart tv's don't support their ap's and if they do you cannot access your recordings. Their tech's do not know anything about the ap's so you're on your own when trying to get the ap to function if you can get it downloaded on your tv. TWC cancelled my appointment I made yesterday and did not notify...
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