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These folks are at the apex of poor! When you go on-line to fix a problem (AND YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS), they try to solve through a chat that is an infinite loop to nowhere. Then, you call them only to find that they are inadequate in solving your problem because they truly are clueless, and sadly, many times there is no solution. If you have options, go anywhere else than to subscribe to this excrement of a company that reminds me of the sludge...
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I'm in a bad spot now because I have to tolerate these *** offs,cheaters and liars for at least 6 more months.And please believe me, I have tried to get rid of them,but then again, the option where I live is AT&T. They keep going up on their rate and bull**** people that you were on a promotion, and they use this excuse over and over again. An an other thing, is this bull**** about megabytes that they claim its up on the 300 megabytes. Pure...
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I didn't like
  • Poor customer service mgr
  • Time warner sucks
  • Being lied to is the worst thing you can do to a customer
I have been a Time Warner customer for over 2 years due to lack of options. For the first year my box would shut off and reboot randomly every day. I placed numerous calls and all that was done was a signal was resent and my box was to adjust on its own and give me satisfactory service. Eventually a service tech came to my residence and was reluctant to change equipment. after a few adjustments, my cable seemingly worked, only to continue the...
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I didn't like
  • I feel as though i have been taken advantage of by this company
  • Zero customer service
  • Refund issue

HBO Review

It took over 37 minutes to find out why my monthly charge increased by $15. The CSR was not trained to answer my question and could account for only $6 of the increase. I finally canceled HBO and saved $18. If there were another provider option in my area, I would switch immediately. I'm tired of these random increases.
A few days ago I put in an order and they told me my one time payment was $14.95 installation and they then try billing me $80.00. I go back and forth with them and they tell me my installation date is the 14th at 9 am. I confirm that I pay the money on the 14th today and now I owe 114.93 and 40 bucks for the installation. I have now called and been on chat for the last hour and a half and have been sent to 4 different chat agents and two...
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I didn't like
  • Random price surging
  • Customer service
I requested my internet service to be cancelled on July 31st but they went ahead and cancelled it 4 days in advance. I called to get it started again but was redirected to a different person 3 times. The first person I talked to said that he couldn't help me and redirected my call to a department. The second person said she restarting services was not her department and redirected me to, yet another, person. Finally, the last person said that...
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So, I have to wait another 3-5 business days to receive the money I am owed from TWC. When I talked to CSRs I was told something different one three different occasions when I asked where my money was - one CSR told me the refund had not been processed - another CSR kept going back to the first overcharge-and the third CSR said my check had been processed but it would take 4-6 weeks to get to me. It was then a CSR in Inving confirmed that I had...
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I didn't like
  • Problem with registration
  • Be given the run around
  • No solution to simple task
I've been a Time Warner customer for about three years now. About a year ago I was trying to make a better effort to cut down on my energy bill and noticed that my cable box was generating a lot of heat even when I had my cable turned off and the box just plugged in. Unplugging it when not in use wouldn't be a problem except that when plugged back in the box usually takes about five+ minutes to startup- longer than my desktop computer. So I...
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I only watch the PBS station, and when they started to switch the stations to requiring the digital adaptor I was ok - - until they did it to the PBS station. But then I found it on one of the channels that was (apparently) not going digital. That was good for one week, and then the message was that the station was encrypted - - but then I found it on another station! One of those odd one, like 6-62. But then, soon, the message was that it...
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I didn't like
  • Only choice offered to pay more
  • Monopoly in my neighborhood
  • Are the only choice
I signed up as the promo required. Then follow up after the 3 months of paying on time, then nothing. I had two reps say I should have gotten the prom, a dell computer/tablet. Sooo finally I called two weeks ago (it has been 8 months) and they again said I should have gotten the tablet. Then today I get a letter saying I did not meet the requirements. Called and no one can tell me what requirement I did not meet. I know of two other folks...
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I had only starter tv for years, then added internet. Now I don't need cable tv but Time Warner charges me for it anyway saying the two can't be separated. When I got the internet added I did the self install myself, very simple. I tried to return the adapter for digital but they refused to accept it. Later I will be charged for it but they insist I need it for cable tv that I am no longer using.My bill more than doubled in the last three years....
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I liked
  • Internet speed when it works
I didn't like
  • Lack of problem solving