So my service with TWC is now Spectrum in my area, but let me tell you my story anyways. I moved into a new apartment a few weeks ago, and I noticed that my speed wasn't as good as it should be.

Therefore, I ran some speed tests. While I was paying for 100 MBPS, I was only getting approximately 25 MBPS. So, I reset my modem to see if that helped. Well that caused issues due to the stupidity of customer service not transferring my services properly.

So, they finally fixed that, and I was still experiencing a huge fluctuation in my speeds. One minute it would be in the 80's, the next it would drop to 25 again. At one point the speed test captured it at less than 1 MBPS. Needless to say, this is a problem.

This was on Sunday. So, they scheduled a technician to arrive at my apartment on Tuesday morning, with an arrival time of between 8-9 am. I took the time off work to wait for the tech to arrive. At 8:01 am, I received the automated text that the tech was on his way.

Awesome, right? Shortly after 9 am, I found myself on the phone with customer service asking where my technician was. The tech had not updated the order with any notes, so who knows? The customer service rep opened a ticket, verified my phone number, and said I would be receiving a call within the hour.

Great, another hour to *** work! So, I waited until 10:30. No tech, no phone call, no anything! So here I am calling customer service AGAIN.

This time, there were apparently notes on the order. One saying that they knocked on my door and there was no answer. Well, I can tell you I've been sitting very close to the door since 8. Nobody has knocked on it.

Next, they said they left a tag on the door for a cancelled appointment? Nope, no tag on my door. Now another ticket has been opened. Dispatch is supposed to call me.

It is currently 11:01 am as I am sitting here writing this and still no phone call, no technician, and I officially have 3 hours of work that I will be making up on my Saturday. Also, let me clarify that my apartment number is very clearly marked. It is B20. The letter represents the building.

Even the little plaque outside my front door says B20. You won't go to another building and just see "20" written by the door. There will be a letter. There is no way to mistake one apartment for another, unless you're completely illiterate, and I would hope that somebody coming to mess with my wires and and stuff is not illiterate.

Otherwise, I'm in more trouble than I already am. So now, I will continue waiting. And when I don't hear anything by noon, I will be looking into another service, because this is absolutely ridiculous! So now it is 11:31.

I decided to look at my email. I received an email at 11:06 that they RESCHEDULED my appointment and the arrival time is between 12-4 pm!!!!!!!! Are you joking???? They were supposed to CALL ME!

I'm absolutely done. I don't recommend them to ANYONE!

Review about: Time Warner Cable Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $80.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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