I'm in Dayton, Ohio.Last month my basic internet bill increased from $39 to $52 and this month to $62.

Each time they tell me a different excuse to raise the bill. $62 a month is ridiculously high for a basic internet service. When I have called last time they did not help me to lower the price back. I did not bother to call this time since I know the attitude, they nicely told me to close my account if I did not like the price, but I had to keep it for at least few months since I will move out soon.

I'm paying the bill angrily but extremely unhappy and disappointed, this type of attitude does not fit to the image of such a big and famous company.I will not use it again if there are other alternatives in the area and I do not recommend anybody to use it either.

Monetary Loss: $62.


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Yes the price continually increases.When I need service I expect to have three service calls before the problem is really fixed.

As soon as I find an alternative I will switch.I have been a customer over 10 years.


Time Warner recently took over our local cable co and they have raised their prices twice.I called the corporate office last month and got the bill lowered from $166 to $146 with so called credits for this month totalling $66.37 for a total bill of $150.46 and next months bill will be $217.13.

this is all three bundled phone,internet and cable and all three have increased dramatically in price in the last 2 months and this is with no movie channels.I have ordered Roku from Amazon and plan to go back to basic service and internet only if the price is not too high.You too might want to check out getting a Roku also.

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