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I entered into a 2 year contract with TW for a package (Internet/Cable/Phone). The specifics of the contract were presented by phone and i was told it would be followed up in writing. I got a form letter explaining that the price would go up $5-$10 the second year. This i knew. i had been told specific prices for year one and for year two.

Year two came and my price went up approx $15. i called Time Warner, got nowhere with their customer service person and asked for a supervisor. I was told that a supervisor would listen to the tape and call back. No one ever called back.

I called again. Customer Service was no help (no surprise), i asked for supervision, was told that i would hear from someone within 24 - 48 hours and that they would listen to the recording of the call.

I heard from supervision over 72 hours later. This person admitted to me that they do not have the recording of my original call during which the contract was agreed to. How can this be? They make you agree to the contract by phone yet they have no recording of the call? Furthermore, they said that their "Price lock guarantee" does not include products and services. What else do they provide?????

I asked to speak with this supervisor's supervisor and was told that there is no one for me to speak with.

What a scam.

To terminate this so called contract, i will be charged $135.

Another name for this is BULLYING. Who wants to hang out with a bully

Do yourself a favor and don't enter into any agreement with TW. Their service frankly isn't that great, their pricing is apparently deceiving and their customer service is horrendous!

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When you agreed to the 2 year contract you have to go thru a 3rd party to verify that you were ok with the 2 year term agreement. You had a choice to do that or not.

No call center can keep a phone call from 2 years prior. They handle way too many calls during that time frame to do so. Probably what happened was you had some other special on your account as well that didnt bundle all 3 services and now you're complaining about $15...

cable is a luxury not a necessity. Dont have it if you can't afford it.

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