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I would avoid Time Warner Cable at all costs. One of their reps sold us a bundle including internet, pone and tv and then TWC charged us almost double which has been automatically drafted out of my account.

I cannot even get through to a rep to stop the draft from my account. I am now now waiting to try to get resolved- 11 business days so far, 3 hours- yes 3 hours on hold today with 4 customer service reps and zero resolution- and this was from their retention department.

if you need a whole dept to retain your customers that outta tell you something right there. horrible customer service!

Review about: Time Warner Cable Bundle.

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blame gov't that allows companies to merge and get too big to fail and to big to compete.


I thought I was having problems with AT&T! How the hex are any of us supposed to get satisfactory services, if all our providers suck?! I know there's no such thing as a perfect company, but come on...there's gotta be someone out there who cares about their customers enough to be honest, at least 75% of the time.

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