Time Warner Cable is an unethical, dishonest company which pulled a "bait and switch" scam on me. I was a customer for over 10 years for their cable service when I decided to try to save money by bundling my cable, internet and phone service.

On June 1, 2012, I signed-up/ordered a TV-Internet-Phone bundled package on-line for a base price of $109.99 per month for 24 months. With the equipment rental fees for the HD DVR box, 2 digital boxes, and the TWC Modem the total before taxes and fees was $156.49 per month. Upon checkout, I printed the order confirmation with bundle details, pricing and the Order Confirmation number. This was all done directly on-line on the Time Warner Cable web site.

On that same date, June 1, 2012, I received the confirmation e-mail on my order with confirmation number and order details. I also received an e-mail establishing my installation date and time for 06-15-12. The equipment was installed on 06-15-12.

I then received notice that my close-out bill for my cable service was ready and on 07-02-12 I paid the previous statement balance of $95.15 based on my old cable plan. I then received my next statement for the bundled plan dated 07-08-12 for the current and forth coming month which showed a balance due of $447.05 which was wrong. The bill showed I was being charged $212.33 for the bundle and with the equipment before taxes and fees it would be $257.83 per month. This is $101.34 per month or over $1216 per year more than the price I signed up for.

I called the billing department 4 times trying to get this resolved. On 07-10-12, I called and spoke to a representative who started jacking me around saying there never was such a bundle, even though I was staring at it on their website while we talked. Then he said that the sales rep I contacted gave me the wrong price, even though I did not use a rep and did it all on their website. Then they said I must have used another vendors website and that it was incorrect. No, I did it on their website. Then the rep said they could not change the bill without having the promotions department change the code. He said he would transfer me to that department for assistance. I was then cutoff. I called back and spoke to a representative named Jennifer and I again explained the issue to her and she discussed it with her supervisor. I was told the supervisor would contact the promotions department and would get the proper code input so the bill could be corrected. I was told I would be called back by a supervisor within 48-72 hours. I never got that call and the bill was not corrected.

I called the billing department again on 7-18-12 and explained the issue for a third time to a representative named Jason. He initially checked and then said they could not change the code and that I would have to go on to on-line chat to resolve the problem. I refused and I insisted to speak to a supervisor. I was connected to a supervisor named ILIA – QI7. She said she understood the issue

and would contact the promotions department supervisor and get the code changed and the bill would be corrected. She assured me that she would call me directly within 24 hours to confirm. After 24 hours I did not hear from her. I checked on line and the bill had not been corrected.

I called the billing department for a 4th time on 07-19-12 explained the issue for a 4th time and the representative eventually connected me with a supervisor named Ed – SS0. He would not give me his phone extension. I explained the issue to him again. He again tried to say that a sales rep. had given me an incorrect price. I told him I did not order the bundle thru a sales rep. It was done directly on-line on the Time Warner web site. He said he could not change the bill but would waive the $11 fee for one of the cable boxes for 1 year. I told him that would be unacceptable. He insisted that the offer I signed up for never existed, even though I have the printed evidence it did exist on the web site and that my order was confirmed at that price. After additional discussion, he said he would escalate the issue up and contact "several departments" to try and resolve it. He said as the other people/supervisors have said that he would contact me within 72 hours.

He did contact me the same day in the afternoon saying that the department he escalated it to said the promotion bundle I signed up for did exist at one time but was no longer valid and nothing could be done because the promotion code did not exist anymore. I said that the promotion was still on the Time Warner Web site as late as the prior evening of July 18th and I had a printed copy of it and regardless, I ordered the bundle on June 1st when it was valid. I said I had printed hard copies of all the confirmation orders, e-mails etc. from their website to prove the promotion was in effect at the time of my order. He didn't care. He still said that I had made an error somewhere. He said there was still nothing that could be done and if I was unhappy, I should contact the cancellation department to see what they could offer for repackaging/bundling. He said they considered the matter closed and hung up. He was very rude, insulting and condescending. Needless to say I was furious.

I decided to try e-mailing customer care. After e-mailing, customer care with this information the evening of 07-19-12, I remembered that I thought my billing statement of 06-08-12 reflected the correct amount of $109.99 on that statement. I checked the on-line PDF statement and it in fact did show my service was changed to the new bundle and the monthly service charge before equipment, fees and taxes would be $109.99. So the correct amount is even on a formal bill. I do not know how much more proof is needed. I did not receive a response.

As a last resort, I went with all my printed documentation to the local Time Warner Service center. I presented it to a customer service rep. She said that everything looked in order but had to escalate it up the chain and couldn't guarantee that they could give me the correct price because the promotion code was no longer valid and they couldn't recover it???? Said they would hopefully contact me within a week with the decision. You've got to be kidding me. I did not hear from them at the end of the week.

I finally decided I did not want to do business with such a dishonest company with dishonest employees. I feel that there are some very dishonest, questionable business practices happening including a fraudulent "bait and switch" tactic. I went into the local Time Warner cable office and cancelled my services. I will also try to file complaints with the local franchising authority, the FCC and the California/Riverside District Attorney's consumer fraud department. I will also post this complaint and information wherever I can on the internet so that hopefully others will not be taken advantage of by these fraudulent practices. Do not do business with Time Warner Cable unless you like to be ripped-off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Bundle.

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1191056

Interesting, here we are 4 years later and I am in a similar situation. I called and was quoted one price for a bundle package, but after installation my bill was much more than quoted.

I have spoken to several twc representatives who agree that I was quoted a certain price when initial order was placed but could not figure out why there was such a difference in my bill.

I am waiting the 2nd f/u phone call(1st never occurred although promised). We will see what happens but I am really starting to question the ethics of this company.

Havelock, North Carolina, United States #1182749

My bill was to be 230.71 now it's 257.??

Havelock, North Carolina, United States #1182746

Yep same here was quoted one price. Bill came in like 20 plus more.i was On the phone for hours no change in price think I will shop elseware been with them 30 years time for a change this is not the first time either just plain tired of being a bitc.


I have experienced the same dishonesty from Time Warner. Attempting to resolve the issue.

I was paying $78/month, when a Time Warner representative offered me a package with phone, t-v upgrade and internet upgrade. I was assured that my premium would be $83/month. My first bill following the change was for $158.00 and my second month bill is over $140.

I have spoken on numerous occasions with the reps on line.

I have now reached the point where the reps advise me to go to a Time-Warner center. I expect more corporate cheating.


Thank you for your lengthy account. I recently received an offer from TWC offering a bundle of phone/internet/tv which would've lowered my current fees by about $100 per month.

After reading Yelp reviews and your account, I would much rather pay an extra $1,200 per year than deal with this sleazy company. Life is too short to voluntary deal with companies like this.


I was taken advantage as well in the bait and switch. I don't know what to do.

It's like they're ***img me and I'm suppose to take it. I feel cheated and disrespected.

Jamestown, New York, United States #805393

This is standard practice for Time Warner. I paid $175 a month for 2 years for tv, internet, and phone, which was outrageous but I decided to live with it.

All of a sudden this month my bill shot up $50 to $225 with no explanation on the bill. I called customer service and they told me my bill had gone up because I had neglected to ask for another discount. I was told not to disconnect any services because I could always get another discount if I asked the right department. Talk about shady buisness practices.

If they can't give me a decent rate with their so-called "discounts", I'm gonna have to learn how to live without their service.

to Anonymous New Albany, Indiana, United States #958381

If you learn to live without their service, then make sure

you go online and revoke their auto pay service (if you use it),

because I attempted to cancel my service on March 5th. The

call center kept trying to sell me "discounted" service and I

told them it had already been replaced.

They just became more argumentative with the cancellation and did not even advise me where to return the equipment, if they were not going to pick it up.

I called again on March 12th because my bank sent me a notice of an auto pay. A supervisor was supposed to call me back, but never did. Online, it is still showing that they had not even cancelled the service . I then went to online chat.......twice.

The first time, I was supposedly transferred. It kept adding to the "hold" time. The second time, I told them to NOT transfer. They did anyway and eventually my password timed out.

So now, I am looking for anyone interested in starting a class action law suit against them for fraudulent activity. Good luck......I am still fighting just to get rid of them.


Similar experience with changing services via phone call and physical store visits in late December 2013. No one at TWC would quote the same price as the last person I spoke with, trying to tell me that different groups within the company had different promotions as an explanation of the inconsistency in pricing I was quoted.

All the TWC representatives I spoke with on the phone declined to provide a written quote spelling out services and price when I requested it telling me "it will be what's on your bill".

Have reported to BBB, and am severing my relationship with TWC because of these dishonest business practices.

Los Angeles, California, United States #727353

Just to confirm, this same trick was played on me in October 2013. Nothing has changed.


same thing happened to me... a disabled dad who is me told 82 a month had a issue and had a call from corperate office and said sorry please accept our apoligy all set now sir its 82 a month......two days later they took 117 from checking account...

why? try to call them nothing...they try to pull calls from previous conversations... they dont have it they say..liars...

25 dollars more per customer times 50k customers = corperate greed.. bastards...

Fairview, New Jersey, United States #688549

TWC ripped of my parents for many years, they never really took the time to understand the bills when they came in the mail, so they just paid what was told, until I started to look into why my parents bill was so high. They would bill them 2times the amount that was due, claiming that my patents had a pass due amount, when they always paid everything I'm full.

It got so out of hand that in one bill the amount was $ 711 more than 3 times the original amount of our momthly bundle plan of 79.99 a month for 2 years plus taxes and fees. They even disconnected our services and wanted us to pay that full amount, so we terminated their services and returned all the equipment, except they wouldn't accept the modem stating that we bought it. No matter what we did they wouldn't take it back. After terminating their services, for the next 3 months they sent us bills stating that we never terminated their services and where charging us as if we had their services.

They also were charging us for the modem and sent us another bill of $611.97. I argued with them month after month about why were they still billing us if we returned and canceled their services back in April 2013.

It wasn't until I told them I was getting my lawyers involved with this type of scam and harassment, that they waived my bill and said they will take care of everything. Now I'm just waiting and hoping I do not get another bill.

Ponte Vedra, Florida, United States #686364

Sounds typical of Time Warner. Their management is full of liars, and I too had "printed evidence" to support my cause...

yet they continued to completely ignore it. My advice: stay as far away from Time Warner as the plague!

Los Angeles, California, United States #599846

FINALLY GOT MY GC!!! (Here's how...)

I'm hoping to spread the news on how to actually get your gift card because I know how much of a PAIN IN THE A$$ the whole ordeal is since I've personally spoke to more than 10 TWC reps to no avail, gone through numerous call transfers, holds and basically given the runaround throughout. It was no longer about the money but now more out of spite and sheer audacity at their shady business...but the good news is I can finally say that the gift card is now in my possession (umm albeit after a little more than a year from the date of installation/switch Nov. 2011).


If you have already submitted your final bill to them AND you have had your new subscription/switch for AT LEAST 3 months proceed with...

1) Email TWCRewardCard@ourpartners.com, with your account #, name, address, and date of installation, along with a brief explanation about how much GC you are owed, rant, complaint, etc basically asking where your *** GC is!

2) They will email you back after some 'research' and hopefully (which was in my case) say that you have qualified for your entitled amount of GC and will send it out withiin 4-6 weeks.

3) 4-6 weeks is BS, it took a solid 3 months for me, but VOILA your GC should be sitting in your mailbox! FUH-FINALLY!


Los Angeles, California, United States #595886

I find it odd that someone (more than likely an employee of TWC) is coming in and listing this as BS. This is the exact type of service they give their customers. Totally unprofessional and unethical.


They did similar fraud with my internet service. Changed the plan to higher rates without my permission after 3 months of my plan start date, the plan was supposed to go for a year.

The plan does not exist anymore and I am asked to pay approx $90+ more. I have decided to cancel my service and never go back to TWC.

Moreover they have rude customer service reps... ALso they have the policy where they will not cancel the service even after your request, you will need to physically go to their office to return their equipment for it to get cancelled - lousy.


They did something similar to me, except it was for the digital home phone bundle they screwed me. When I signed up, it was for "unlimited nationwide calling." Then they billed me for calls outside of my home state.

When I called to complain, they said I had signed up only for in-state calls. Even if I had wanted to do that, there was no option for only in-state calls on their website where I signed up. So after another month, we dumped TWC.

We'll never do business with them again. Would rather go without phone or internet than give them another dime.

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