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So I get activated with the National Guard and sent overseas while subscribing to Time Warner Cable. Knew the activation was coming, so called and cancelled a month ahead of time.

Sure enough, the *** kept billing me while I was gone. I get home from BFE to find a pile of cable bills waiting for me, to include passed due notices and collection agency threats.

I try to call their local office to resolve the issue. Get routed to the national call center in Denver, CO (I live in WV). After an hour on hold, get a supervisor there, who refuses to give me contact info. for the local office, and can't do anything useful herself. Gives me a fax number too, so I can send in my orders. I send in, no response, tic toc.

Call the call center again. Get another supervisor who instant messages the first. They send another e-mail to the local manager who I should've been speaking with all along. Next day, someone from the call center calls me to triumphantly announce that they've knocked $20 off a bill worth hundreds, NONE of which I legitimately owed.

Now I get to contact Base Legal, which I should've done first all along. In trying to save everyone some inconvenience, I only ended up wasting my own time.


Review about: Time Warner Cable Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $155.

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I agree that Time Warner hates Veterans. My phone service was dead,so I used my cell to call TW and report the outage.

They promised that a tech would come out 8:00-11:00 Am Sunday morning.I waited, no call no show. I called back and they said their system had kicked out the work order, said someone would call in 30 minutes then come out quickly to fix it. Again, no call no show. I called the third time, and explained to a lady that I call my son who is overseas on Sunday, I need my phone fixed.

She said she would send someone out Tuesday...that is as fast as it could be done, like I had not even called the other 2 times. I asked her why I was being lied to and promised someone would come out. She said, she don't know. I told her I needed to call my son who is overseas, and she let me know she could care less!

I called back a forth time and asked for a supervisor, I held the phone for 15 minutes only to be told the supervisor would not take the call! Stay away from this company, they are not going to pro-rate your bill for the time you don't have service and they are not going to fix your service...but will instead lie to you until you get tired of calling customer NO-SERVICE!

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