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My Dodge Ram quad cab with less than 20K miles on it was parked in my drive. Cable guy dropped his ladder with steel hooks on my truck while working on lines on pole 8-10 feet from my truck (I don't even have cable). Damage to my vehicle was front of door frame, mirror, antenna, scratched windshield, dents and scratches on fender and hood.

Warner says fault was sub contractor (Prince Telecom), but technician was in truck marked T/W and left paperwork with T/W name on it. Prince has from the first contact tried to manipulate and control the situation, "take it to these guys, they do all our work, we need you to get two quotes, that price is too high, we need to have our guys assess the damage, you need to go see these guys", etc. I got two quotes from good quality shops located 25 miles apart and both generally agreed on the damage and repair and price.

Now that I have given these guys their "required" estimates they are still dragging their feet because they don't want to accept the responsibility for their tech's accident. They also say they're "self insured" so they don't have to comply with any State rules of conduct.

Beware if you let these guys into your house or on your property and they damage something, you'll have a *** of a time getting your stuff fixed to your satisfaction. troca@milwaukeeresistor.com

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Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #53640

Hopefully they don't sue you for damages to their ladder.

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