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Have you ever had to deal with the wonderful support and service that is Time Warner Cable? Then this is the article for you to read. Myself and my roommate have been using Time Warner for about 7 months now and during that time we have had zero positive experiences with them. In fact, throughout our experiences with what I would go as far to call the absolute worst in their industry, our experiences have been downright awful.

A call in to their customer service or technical service department is all it takes to realize how horrible they are. It seems that both departments have a script to go by and do everything they can to avoid deterring from this script. If you ask for an opinion on a matter you will get a response such as "I'm not in a position to state my opinion", or "My opinion doesn't matter in this situation." Both departments offer minimal support and answers to any questions if you are an above average user. Technical support department will hurry to set up an appointment for someone to come out, which yes is great except for the fact that nine out of ten times these appointments are at best three of four days away. This is the best part… if the reason you called has been resolved by some miracle when the technician is there to take a closer look at it, you get charged something like $25. If the technician determines that the fault isn't there equipment or service lines…you still get the charge. Which poses this question, why would anyone in the right mind want a technician to come out? I wouldn't.

Ok, so let's move on to how great their services are! I have the cable TV and internet, so I can only speak for those services. The internet is good if all you want to do is browse the internet. If the time comes you want to upload pictures or a video be prepared for the slower upload speeds than what you can get with a cell phone. Oh, and also be prepared for your internet to go out at least once per evening around 7:00-7:30 when your modem resets itself. In the last four days our internet has cut out at least seven times each evening. We call technical support who does nothing more than offer to send out a technician during late morning or early afternoon when the services work as normal as possible. IF you request a technician to come out during the hours of the constant interruptions be prepared to be let down because it's not a time where appointments are available. Not exactly what you would expect from somebody you dish out on average of $115 a month, but it's what you get.

The cable TV is also good at best. If you are like me and awake until 12:00-1:00AM you most likely will not be able to watch TV. During a 30 day period I tallied how many nights I wasn't able to watch TV at night. After that period was over I was shocked at the results. There were only nine days where my TV was actually working, and because of the times I couldn't have a technician come out and look at it. The On Demand service frequently goes out as well so don't plan on watching that unless you are sitting down and it's working when you look at it. And even then be prepared for it to cut out just as you get involved in whatever you are watching.

It's very frustrating to pay for services that seem to work only when they feel like. After you call and complain so many times about the interruptions in your services they will offer you something useless like three months free of Showtime, which is nice if you like watching Weeds or The Big C. From the experiences of myself and other people I know on Time Warner I would rate the service 4/10 and the support 2/10. If you have an option of going with a different provider I would strongly recommend it as the odds are it will be superior in every way shape or form.

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