Time Warner Cable sent a card in the mail to us and it stated on the card..Cable + Internet + Digital Phone 69.99 bundled. We called and told them we wanted the special from the card we got, cable, internet, phone service for 69.99.

They said ok we can set you up for that, we can do your cable and your internet at the same time but we can't do your phone service for a couple of weeks. When we got our first bill it was 89.99, not 69.99. Called them and complained about the extra charge and they said they didn't have any bundles uder 89.99. I mentioned the card we received in the mail.

They said you have to read the small print!!!!! I told them that was false advertising but they did nothing about it!!

Review about: Time Warner Cable Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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the prices listed in those cards that are always coming in the mail unrequested are often deceptive... you need to get to get the exact configuration listed in the small print, there are extra charges that are never mentioned (ex.

modem "rental" fee or DVR "rental" fee)... when you contact the CSR to inquire conveniently they never know about any advertised special

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there sneaky not nice they should have gone over everything with u and let u make ur decision. thanks for sharing sorry that happen to u. :?


False advertizing doesn't apply to your inability to read the fine print. So long that the terms were laid out in writing, they did nothing illegal.

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