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I switched to TWC triple play in January 2014. They came out to install it but only installed the cable and Internet. They didn't install the phone modem and phone service. They left the phone modem sitting on a shelf in the house and the modem looked to be old and used. For weeks after the initial set up I tried calling them multiple times to try and get the phone hooked up and installed having to wait close to an hour each time. I was never able to get a tech to come out and install it and was told I wasn't able to cancel the service or my bill would somehow go up so I just gave up. Now I have paid for phone service for 11 months that I have not had. On 12/23 I had someone from TWC call me telling me my bill will be increasing next month and that for $20 more a month I could get HBO and showtime. FYI I already have showtime. I asked the rep what they would do for me about the fact I've paid for $20 per month for 11 months for phone service they didn't install and I have been able to use. He told me they would not do anything but I could get HBO and showtime for $20 more a month. I asked if that would be on top of the $20 for the non existent phone service I have already been paying and if I would still be paying for that for the next year. I was told yes I would be paying for that still. I am so fed up with this situation and getting the run around. It's absolutely ridiculous I've paid over $200 to them for nothing!

Joe Mante

(757) 869-9486

(843) 902-9284

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Phone Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Rochester, New York, United States #1084984

I had the same problem in talking with Shannon who claimed she was talking to me from SC. I'm going to assume it's from this Little Rock area.

I was overcharged on my bill and tried to explain this to her as well as trying to get it fixed. She lied to me and said it was a late charge and it was not. I was charged for things I should not have been charged for and all they do is try to get me to go for a more expensive package. SHe refused to let me speak to a supervisor and said the supervisor would not talk to me.

I get the run around with these people constantly. I actually taped a guy named Maurice to show proof of how I was being treated. If I have to i am going to put this tape on the internet.

THis company is by far....the worst company I have ever dealt with when it comes to customer service. I"m so frustrated I just don't know what to do.

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