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I have Road Runner high-speed internet through Time Warner Cable NY. So I'm not sure who my complaint should be with. All I know is that it's Time Warner that bills me each month.

I had problems with receiving emails, and Time Warter directed me to call Road Runner. And then who do I get at Road Runner? Why a person in India, who made every question twice as long as it needed to be, every statement twice as long as it needed to be, and prefaced everything with "ma'am". And of course there was the usual "how are you doing today ma'am? ....I'm glad to hear it..."

I was on the phone over one hour! One hour! Yes, the problem finally got resolved, but I know that if I had been given the option to speak with a local IT person, it probably would have taken maybe 15 minutes.

These companies that send their IT offshore are the *** of the earth. It's all about their guys at the top making more money, and at the expense of their customers that they purport to care so much about.

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