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Twc is expensive for senior in NYC no discount start with them for 8 years @ 69.95 now my bill is 149.00 a month no program change or upgrade poor service demanding customer reps for payment now they call themselves spectrum same practice nothing for the senior
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Miss Betsy

Miss Betsy I am bracing myself for an increase more than the $10 a month I already got last month since the change to Spectrum. I hope Verizon is available for your building - if it is w...

I also had the starter TV for 12.00. I call the other day because I have 5 TV's and none of them have a box. I talk to the agent on the line and I explained my problem and that really did want to pay for 5 boxes and 3 of the TV are smart TV but they don't provide...
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Anonymous TWC. I have a complaint that I can not watch the Syracuse basketball game. This is suppose to be new Yorks collage team, it should always be broadcast. Create it's own netw...