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I live in a University campus and have TWC for nearly a year.I would just say that the speed of the connection has been pathetic all this time.

If it was not for the free internet given by the university(which by the way has awesome speed) and the apartment complex (which is ok), I would have ditched this connection. I keep it because sometimes , like once in a month, I get good speed and then I just hope it would improve somehow. Just now I checked the speed tester on TWC website and I got .73 Mbps for download and .14 Mbps upload. How's that?

I have contacted their customer support several times and twice they have send a technician, but nothing has changed. This is kind of frustrating. As TWC aptly says in their advert "They can't keep treating paying customers like this.".

Maybe they ought to put more money into their customer service rather than just making more ads.TWC sucks.

Review about: Time Warner Cable Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #666777

I wish I could sue them.I used to work for Insight and then Time Warner Cable.

They have horrible service and my internet became slow and they are slow at taking money out of your account when it is bank draft. The managers demand out a lot of you and still not really fixing the problem. The employees are not trained properly and supervisor never want to speak with the angry customer. They want the employees to handled all problems and it should be escalated to the supervisor.

It was too stressful, because people called in to complain. Almost, every call was a complaint. We could barely had breaks, because people were upset about the cost and services of the used equipment. All the cable boxes are used and the technician will still bring broken equipment to the customer.

The technician were not properly trained, I worked at the call center and I went on ride with tech. The tech did not fix anything. He was suppose to rewire telephone line and did not do anything. He was upset, because it was raining.

Almost, almost everyday there were changes. The prices raised and the service got worst. I could not take it anymore, I just quit. It was the worst job ever and worst system ever.

They charge you to move and did not handle your accounts correctly. I always wanted to agree with the customers, but I couldn't because it was my job. We were also on a time limit.

We to fix the problem in one to two minutes.So imagine, when it was not...

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San Diego, California, United States #585625

TWC CABLE TV IS THE WORST.Lag time when doing anything including changing channels.

Told there was a bug in the new software and a new revision was coming out soon. Have to call CS to use On Demand.

Little storage capability on the DVR compared to DISH or Cox Cable.I am switching!


Had cable guy at house todat, AND TOLD HIM, why I'm switching to Home Phone, Digital, and TV.Nice man, but he did not solve the problem.

Felt sorry for the guy working on a Sunday, but lookling back I have worked more Sundays tha he'll ever! I now have to boxes(from Vietnam,UBEE vice just one).

I thought we were miniaturizing, He left w/out giving my new PH#, but smiled when I gave him a Five, Probably, laughed all the way home.Why, is the country so .....full!

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