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I have so many things to say about time warner cable san diego I'm not even sure where to begin...but i'll try.

Firstly, the sales person was extremely deceptive and signed me up for packages I didn't even want. I told her I barely watch TV so i just need the basic channels. She asked me if i enjoyed watching movies. Yea, of course. Who doesn't? Later I see my bill has Showtime and many other costs added to my TV package.

As for my internet, I had been paying for the fastest internet package (intentionally), but realized a year later that my internet was slow because they had provided me with a faulty and old modem which couldn't handle the high speeds I was paying for!!! Who does that?!?! I called to complain MANY MANY times!

No one wanted to help before I yelled back at them... and i'm considered very docile if that matters. They would not return my money but we finally settled on showtime for the next year to help compensate my losses. Ok, that's better than nothing.

Oh no...more problems started occurring. Internet would go down during a research paper, for random nights on end. The tv cable box would shut itself off.

Did they care? Of course not!

It took me 3 hours one time to finally fix the problem...which I figure it pbb fixed itself. I was on hold for half of that since they kept transferring me back and forth.

I've been lied to when I asked to speak to supervisors. "He's not here, but he'll call you back". After a week, nothing!

I hate time warner cable sooo much. As if we don't have enough stresses in our life, they must add an exponential amount more of stress.

Lastly, when i completely downgraded my tv to the "Local Basic Cable" the lady told me it would be channels 2 through 44, except channel 4. That's fine. I'll be $12.99 for that and agreed to it. When I turned on my TV the next day, it had already been disconnected and I was only getting channels 2-18. Many channels were not working.

UGHH. I want to destroy something.... TIME WARNER NEEDS TO CHANGE! For the sake of my humanity!

Review about: Time Warner Cable Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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