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Got the new Spectrum lineup offers today.These are options that are separate from the ongoing Time Warner lineup that are still available. Turns out 2 of the channels I like watching, 1 that was standard on every package except the starter package, are now only...
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Anonymous Check out the Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV box. A ton of options to watch, some pay for service is available, but at a MUCH lower cost than TWC/Spectrum. We recently went wi...

Over charged more than twice.Payed for the highest internet which i had trouble with my gaming still. Cancled once and the gave me a better cheaper package and bills kept going up to 200 or more every month. When i canceled they over charging me for the 2 wks i used...
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Worst customer service ever, called to tell them a tree had fell and tore down the cable line but instead of asking my address they wanted to play 21 questions about my account. When i signed up for the triple play package they installed the wrong package and tried to...
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Time Warner Cable Tv Package Review

When i first saw time warner's commercial, i thought they couldn't be beat, i feel like i'm trapped with this company, they promised several things, i pay enough for this service that every television in my house should show the same thing. But in order to have this, i must pay more money. Over a year now, i just put up with my current situation with time warner.
The worse experience I have ever had, and I have dealt with companies from Alaska to Miami; Time Warner is the worse yet.I had to change my package three times, each time the price was increased, and the two televisions in the home didn't have the same channels. I...
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Regularly Time Warner interrupts my viewing of a channel that i already pay for in order for me to buy a more expensive package. I call customer support but no one can give me a rational explanation and I just get the instructions to reboot my cable box. This happens...
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I didn't like
  • False promise
  • Zero customer service
  • Unacceptable practice to sell more expensive service
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