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Yesterday I received a collections notice from NCO Financial Systems inc, informing me that I owed Time Warner $60.45.After reading through the legal mumble jumble I figured out that I had not returned my cable modem.

I had recently moved and had forgotten all about it. However I never recieved notice from Time Warner that this was outstanding, just a collection notice from their agent. I return the modem and discover they actually owned me $48.99, however since they had turned this over to collection 53 days from the time I terminated the service and no notification that I had to return the modem. They are now going to charge an addition $17.00 for the collection agent and won't return the balance for 4 to 6 weeks.

How do I turn them into a collection agent...I guess I can't so I guess their *** poor customer service once again has lost a customer forever!!!Trust me forever!

Review about: Time Warner Cable Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $60.


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Time Warner Cable turns you into collections BEFORE sending you your final bill and they will admit this!

Can't get any clearer than that.So any comments about mis-spellings and deadbeats not paying your bills are clearly a Time Warner representative trying to create a smoke screen on the subject.

Time Warner Cable... BAD


Time Warner Cable has done the same thing to many people, there are many reports on the internet about this.Even if you return the modem on time, It is there policy and standard business practice to bill you is you can not prove it.

If you don't get a receipt, you will be stuck with the bill, on top of that, even if you prove you turns it in on time and it is there mistake, it still ends up on YOUR credit report.And no, it does not go off your credit report in 30 days like they state it will.


I've got one better.Back in June 2012, some clown got ahold of my SSN and got TWC service.

Apparently, they felt like all of you and dropped the service, getting Dish Network, IN MY NAME, 2 months later. They did not return their equipment and had an overdule bill.

In January, I get a collection notice from some company, almost 2 months AFTER they put a collection notice on my credit report.Now they want me to provide them with a copy of my drivers license, social security, 6 months of utility bills, and a copy of a police report.

....at leasts the skanks are paying the Dish Network bill.


Time warner sent me to collection for a balance that they owned me, It was so aggravating, and yes they never even contacted me they just sent me to collection, now I found the receipt that they actually owed me what they were claiming I owed them.

What do I do now?

I wish I could sue!

That's so not fair that they get to mess up our credit and our peace of mind at their leisure and nothing! nothing! happens to them.

And yes they lost another customer forever!


Reality, you first need to learn how to spell. Secondly, most people end up in collections that should not be. That's not the problem.

If people ignore their bill, then yeah send them to collections and don't complain. Unfortunately, just as many people end up in collections for Time Warner due to a mistake on their part. It's wrong, it sucks, and they are losing customers.

They have lost me.


Time Warner is horrible.After messing up my payment so many times, and having dispute $25 insufficient fee transactions (when I did have money in my account!!!) I had it with them and cancelled.

It took a month for them to send me the final bill. A few days later, I rec'd a collections notice from them. It doesn't make sense. One person tells me they give 80 days to pay, another says 89, another says 90.

No matter how you spin it, they're wrong.

How can you only give me a few days to send me to collections, and not give me any notice.At least then, I would've know there was a mix-up!!


I moved to a new house had to return my modem got new one payed 150$ for new roughter and extender with my internet it came to 200$ 3 weeks later my internet gets cut off I call and they tell me to call collections I'm like wtf!I never been put in collections they told me someone with sake last name as me lived their and so they passed the dept to me!!

And with out warning u guys cut me off!!!You thief's!!!!!!


I love how everyone complains that their debt or unreturned equipment is somehow Time Warner's fault and not there own. I guess that's society these days -- no personal responsibly.

to Reality #830840

Wrong form of "there"... Learn to spell

to Reality Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States #938686

You are a fool or a TWC employee.

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