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Time Warner is forcing us to use digital adapters for all analog TVs but the problem is that the crappy adapters they are providing require a stronger signal than analog. Because my area has a marginal signal right at the pole, it is impossible for me to get enough signal to the analog TVs therefore instead of 4 TVs (bedrooms, basement etc .) that used to work fine, I'm left with only one in my living room because none of the digital adapters will work on a split line regardless of the cable wire quality.

Of course now that I can't even watch any TV anywhere except the first one connected, the TWC bill still remains unchanged, so the adapter rollout just eliminated service for me. I'm pissed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Tv Service.

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I must say the digital adapters don't work half of the time and do not work well when operating. The quality of picture is much worse now, distorted, disjointed.

The service is intermittent. How did we get saddled with such crummy devices, and we are being charged for them.

Kingston, New York, United States #1235912

Since getting adapters 2 they scramble, distort.

After multiple calls to TWC the problem is the same.

Even turned in pair for new ones.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #1178377

I agree. I will be leaving them too.

Syracuse, New York, United States #1151336

the are the cheapest pieces of junk and they do not work. the cable was perfectly fine before this *** was sent to us. time for direct t.v.b/c we are not allowed to have fios in the area.


I have 3 in the house, ones not being used, the one in the kitchen works fine but the one in the bedroom makes the tv sound pop and sometimes it gets so bad it cuts out audio for a split second causing it to sound like the person talking is skipping words, it's not he tv because I play games on the tv and it works fine until I switch over to the box to watch tv


We have gone trough several adapters and still cannot receive certain channel that we pay for. About 10 percent of the channels in our package are very poor quality and freeze up. Had it with Time Warner...switching to a dish system.


My sons fisher price toys are of better quality than these *** Cisco boxes and remotes. Once again time warner comes through again bs

Fulton, New York, United States #1133533

We just installed boxes. Cable remotes are very cheap half the time they don't work and there is a 5-10 second delay when changing channels.

You would think what time warner charges for their service they would give you a better remote instead of a $2.00 remote. Wish fios was available that's the only reason we've stayed with twc


I agree we have the same problem. You spend so much money to get a clean installation no wires now box hangs from the tv and won't work.

My mother is in assisted living , tv is all they have not to mention the remote is horrible for seniors tiny buttons you can hardly see it is so sad.

The elderly just don't have skill set to call tech support to reboot or rest the adapter.


Typical TWC the DAs never work its better to get DISH or go with a regular cable box. TWC just wants you to pay more and more.

I have never heard of a marginal signal at the pole.. As the boss said hurry up and swap the box and tell the customer it will be on up to an hour from now and get to the next job!

Platte City, Missouri, United States #992343

Had similar issues. The only TV in my home that works is the one with the cable box hooked up to it.

All the others go in and out constantly with an interruption of service disclaimer.

Thank goodness Google Fiber is coming to my area. TMC is a scam


Have cable box in living room but not bedroomsonly the cable line. I have internet as well will my bill go up to update to the digital?

Orlando, Florida, United States #968326

LOL, they're not doing this to bring you better service, they're doing it because there are too many people getting free basic cable, like me.

Spring Valley, Texas, United States #950754

We have had twc for four years now they wanna doo this *** satellite here we come twc can *** from the back sissy cable company ever


Exactly our situation. Only One TV on the converter box.

We picked up those crappy Cisco digital adapters for our analog TVs, and after many unsuccessful attempts to make them work properly, returned them. Free? 99 cents?

Who cares -- if they DON'T WORK! Verizon FIOS seems to be blocked in this location, so when TWC goes all-digital, satellite TV here we come!

New River, Arizona, United States #612238
Complaining over 99 Cents? Haahaa
Believe me you won't find Anyone cheaper :p
to Anonymous Buffalo, New York, United States #612345

It went from working to non-working so the price is irrelevant .

to Anonymous #728205

well I got my digital adapter, for my 3 TV's find out on next statement that they charge me for aBasic service that I never ordered $21.99? it is legal or once I got the digital adapters have to pay that?

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #587192

we all need to kick them to the curve....they only want the money

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #579024

I got 5 TV's and I just read they will charge 99 cents for a box starting 2015. I hate them.

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