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I have been a long time customer of Time Warner and int he past couple of years their services have diminished greatly and the price overall has increased.

Due to issues within their IT Services department, in the past 6 month they have lost DHCP service (for 3 days), DNS services 2 weeks after and periodically since and other issues resulting in problems using the internet service.

I also have the phone service and its "ok" but for the price its no longer worth it since you can sign up for other services no big deal (no value, what about a soft phone service etc) but it all costs $40 a month.

I also have the HD cable service. First there are very few HD channels, at this point I would expect that they offer more if not all channels HD especially since I'm having to pay extra for the HD channels... Further their selection "on demand" is poor and the movie channels only show the same movies any more. Ive gone from having all the HBO, Showtime etc channels to just having Showtime.

Based on others who have switched to other services (and I will be doing the same soon too), I would recommend Verizon's Fiber service, ATT Uverse for cable (which comes automatically with two cable boxes, HD and provides a web accessbile interface to scheduled DVR recordings, in case you forgot to program something you can do it remotely).

This is too bad too, I used to be proud to have Time Warner, rarely had any issues, speed and internet access was priced good and the quality of the services were great. Whatever has been done needs to go back to what made it great.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I moved to the San Fernando Valley less than 1 year ago and am horrified by the terrible "Customer Service" provided by Time Warner. I have outages weekly on my cable TV, including the Jeopardy ones mentioned!

However, they will NEVER improve - so stop using them and subscribe to a different service! I'm canceling my Time Warner Cable this week. They are charging me $14.95 per month for an international channel that I did not order. The "manager" that I spoke to today told me that they have a note in their computer that I ordered it!

I have NEVER ordered it and have NEVER authorized it. If they actually had Customer Service, they would have credited my account. No - they only have Customer Disservice! And do you want to know why?

Because people will still pay them for crummy service! Americans are keeping them in business.

So Americans: stop complaining and cancel the service. There are lots others out there, including dish, to try!


TW Cable sucks! tried to watch the show Jeopa

rdy, (the new one with the computers vs.

human kind) and half the time the volume cut out. the rest of the time, either the picture went black or it cut to commercial.

these people are amateurs. A monkey could run the station better!

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