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Time Warner will run a special for twenty bucks a month for six months for internet service. Once you become use to it in a couple of months they will send you a bill for three hundred bucks.

If you don't pay they will turn you off and refuse you service forever. Even block your address so no one else can have service.

I live in a rural area and the only alternative is dsl from AT&T, a dud.

They have you where they want you because they are a monopoly with the rudest customer service in the world. The governmant needs to regulate these thieves.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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um...leaving out some facts there dude? At least give facts including what *** things YOU'VE done with the service and not just pile it ALL on the rep


Time Warner Cable, HANDS DOWN, has the worst cable service billing and customer service in San Diego.

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