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Around 6 months ago I was offered a deal, which required me to sign a year agreement with time warner, that lowered my bill.This offer was a loyalty offer to keep me as a customer because another company was coming into town.

Time warner told me that it would be transferable if I were to move. I then moved about a month ago, but I move out of the state and outside of time warners marketing area. On October 3rd I called customer service and spoke to a rep who said that I would owe a cancelation fee. I found this unacceptable since the only reason I was canceling was because that could not transfere their product to my new address.

I then told the rep I wanted my cable shut off on the last day of the billing cycle (Oct. 25) She then put me on hold and a man came on the phone. He stated that I would not owe a cancelation fee due to the pricing program that I was in, and then asked when I would like to have my cable canceled. I was not moving till the 1st of November so I had him extend my service till then.

That cost me an extra $27 dollars. Well, on November 27th I decided that it would be a good idea to check my bill online. It showed a $95 early termination fee on it. I called time warner and they said there was no record of the man I had talked to saying that I would not have to pay the fee.

I feel taken advantage of by this company and I would never do business with them again.I have sice filed complaints with both the BBB, and the Public Utilties Commission.

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Yes, I too am Mad!

TWCable has run me off as a customer before my wife and I moved. I was told I would be left with a ZERO balance, but when I last checked, just after our first issue at our new address, I owe TWC money???

^ Any rate we moved and I voted for dish even though I knew it | would be inferior, but my wife won this time and now she

| regrets it in a big way.

|___ See my name... I have a YouTube channel under the same name and might very soon post hours of audio and video as well with proof there running their customers around and doing what many here and elsewhere are posting as concerns and even accusations.

PROOF as in hard core no bs... TWC BE WARNED!


I was ready to cancel by TWC service when their "retention dept" persauded me to accept a more competitive rate.It was VERY clear in my 2 phones calls with them that I was only interested in the rate, if I was "locked in" for 2 years.

They agreed. Now, after 1 year, they're trying to charge me for the DVR and claiming the "free" DVR was for a 1 year "promotional" only.

Sorry, TWC, but no one said anything about a "promotional" and I know exactly what I requested and to what I agreed.It's called "bait and switch" on TWC's part.


Why can't you reach these people and get easy answers?What sort of company doesn't have notes put in the computer?

I worked in customer service and this sort of run around is just unacceptable.I have to call them up right now and I feel sick because they will lie again.


I used to work for Time Warner Employees it is hard enough working there for nothing can u believe it working for 9 dollars to 12 an hour.When I was interviewed it was stated that upon review within 6 months of my start date that I would receive a raise of 17 dollars an hour.

Well six months came I submitted my paper work for an increase I submitted it my paper work got lost by the union reps or my old supervisor played dumb as if he never got it. I had to submit my paper work 5 time by the 5th try I was transferred to a different department of a supervisor that really cares about his employees then I was able to get a retro check which consisted of half the money they owed me and 17 dollar raise was suppose to receive 15 thousand in a retro check they only gave me 7 thousand , which I had to shut up and take. Other problems which exist in time Warner is that customers are promised alot by the sales people when the technician gets there he is shocked because all technician is able to do is trouble shoot problems not make miricals happen. Also the Time Warner Trucks the old ones have no A/C in it so if you pass out from 110 Degree temperatures then that's your fault.

Also when handeling a 28 foot latter by ocea standards you are suppose to have a partner but managers have gotten greedy. By letting each individual work by themselfs they figure they can get more installs and work done from a single employee Which is a safety risk when there is uneven ground...

The managers will even *** and say the contractors do jobs by themselves which is a lie most contractors have friends go out with them to help them on jobs and are paid 10 dollars an install.Contractors will do what they got to do money even against ocea standards or the risk of life or lim.

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File a complaint with the bbb


Wow everyone has the same story. TW offered $30 to continue internet service, but instead keep charging me $47.

I call to have the prices adjusted and am reassured that my account has been credited the overpaid amount.

They keep charging me $47. By 6months I'm livid, speak to a supervisor and am told there is absolutely NO RECORD OF ANY ADJUSTMENTS. No case notes, nothing.

I finally manage to change to $30/mo and get the last 2 months adjusted, but I'm still overcharged $90. UNACCEPTABLE.

I am planning on calling again once I find the casenotes ID I wrote down months ago. Does anyone know what I can do about this??


Yes they do lie.They locked me into a 2 year rate that lasted 2 months.

After the deadline to cancel without penalty they raised the rate.

I contact them and all I get is the run around.They have yet to answer my questions.

I am very frustrated.


yes agree lies lies lies happen to me too they offer me internet for 19.95 router include and now i have a 9.95 a month fee for it also they offer me the spanish tier for 2.95 now is 7.90 lies lies i call them got no results i am about to cancel service they dont care about the costumers is hust a big scam!




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