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Time Warner defines corporate greed. This is what happened: While watching the Atlanta Braves Vs. Colorado Rockies yesterday (sunday apr.18 2010)I noticed early in the game that commercials would interrupt the game while in play. Actually, they run commercials IN BETWEEN PITCHES>

At least three.

Well, I about had a stroke when they did it in the ninth inning, Braves at bat ( more specifically, Braves Rookie Star Jason Heyward was batting)

Braves were losing 3-2, two outs, and the bases were LOADED.

Well, then it happened again. IN between the third and fourth pitch, they interrupted the game.

What do you think happened/ Jason hit a walk-off two run game winning single! Did we see it? *** no.

This is totally unacceptable not to mention absurd. I have been following the braves the last twenty years, and have NEVER seen this.

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Same thing. I was watching a marathon of "TOP 10" shows 3 shows in a row they broke away to show Time Warner commercials in between the Top 4 and the Top 1, missed Top 2 and 3. This along with commercials in the 10 year old guide GUI, literally defines greed.

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