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WE were billed wrong from the 1st bill and they refused to correct it. Now they are trying to collect money from us even after admitting the mistake!

The techs showed up and didn't even give us the right connections for the modem and then did not connect the amount of rooms we were contracted on top of that, they charged us for the connection service which was supposed to be FREE also. Then we were billed for the extra equipment we NEVER recieved. Time warner had so many customer service numbers and transferred us 3 times before giving us another number to call before we could speak to ANYONE who could pull our account information to help us.

Then, they basically told us they could not do anything. Then they wanted to argue with us over the issue as though we made them *** or something!!

Review about: Time Warner Cable Bundle.

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Recently they laughed off the fact that I was making it my personal agenda for nyone and everyone with issues concerning billing, customer service or whatever contact their president directly. So here it goes!

Having trouble with TWC, well they told me it is impossible to reach the top directly and get real answers. So, Contact this guy and by all means attach my name: Steven Yaniz

Time Warner Cable President: glenn.britt@twcable.com

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