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Two old broken HD DVR boxes in one month? Come on TWC!

After beginning Time Warner Cable service with two HD DVR boxes, I found one box failed to operate normally on the day they installed it.

The service technician told me TWC reuses the boxes and if their limited bench test passes, they may send out a box that is actually broken. Great. A new box replaced the broken one and good to go...until the other HD DVR box stoped working 3 weeks later. This time it won't show all the programs it has recorded, but shows it's 97% full with no way to access most of the recordings or delete them either.

They're sending a technician again three days from now to (presumably) replace the piece of s. broken box. They offered me a $5 coupon to submit with my next bill payment as an apology for the inconvenience the first time. Really?

So my time and aggravation is only worth $5? How about remove the charge for the cable box from my bill for a month?

TWC is wasting my time with two service calls for their crappy recycled broken equipment. I'm wondering how the make a profit is they have to send their technicians out twice in one month for broken equipment...

Monetary Loss: $155.

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They also give you DEAD cablecards. And duct taped tuning adapters.

I ended up canceling service with them, and just sticking to what does work, their internet.

Will be talking to them to remove the modem rental fee.

Had to swap out equipment 4 times.

First time, Tuning Adapter doesn't work Picked that one up at Stassney and South 1st.

Swapped it out at the N Mopac Store Second Time, Converter box (theirs) did a noCP when ordering Encore Swapped it out at the N Mopac Store with another got home called to activate it, and they offered me 6 months of free Showtime, after the rep added it to the order, Guess what? noCP again on the swapped box. Had a technician TIM berate me about my setup (Watch one program and record another on each set) too many splitters didn't like my massive 640 VHS tapes and counting. Wanting me to get the Whole Home HDMI government dictation connections (HDMI prohibits your right to copy programs that you pay for it's kin to Communism) Channel 10 off the air for 6 months!

At least got a $20 credit off them after 6 count them 6 tech visits. All said my signals are fine, duh I knew that. And the problem is in Time Warners line. Then why did you waste my time with your lollygagging?

Have to use an AMP to get my Tivo to work, they were mad about that because I reside in an apartment and not a house. As long as I am leased up, I have a right to have my own equipment if I want to. This isn't North Korea TWC. Still couldn't receive KLRU and it's HD2, HD3, and HD4, nor Fox 7 either.

Had to hookup an antenna to the TIVO in conjuction with the Digital Cable. Told me to swap out the tuning adapter and cablecard. Which I did. NEVER GO TO STASSNEY FOR CABLE CARDS.

They will give you a dead one. Ditto, for tuning adapters. Swapped it out a Hancock, only to find out they had old equipment as well.

Told them to cancel it, and gave them the reasons why. Told them if they merge with Comcast I am going with AT&T, and explained that Comcast hates Americans and is in bed with Obama.


TIME WARNER CABLE SUCKS BIGTIME!. they give you used cable boxes,most have dents and scratches and NO DIRECTIONS.

pissed off at them right now.

wish I could have Dish (antenna) but I can't due to my building zone having a monopoly with Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Cable sucks and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

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