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CAUTION-BEWARE-CAUTION When you purchase the Time Warner (TW) bundle package, buyer beware because you are not locked into the initial agreed price for the entire 24 month period. Time Warner will deceive you by not fully explaining that after the first 13 month they will increase that price, and they can increase it by whatever they want. Even after you prove to them that their verbal contract did not clearly state that there would be an increase, you the consumer are wrong. (Even the TW representative agreed it wasn't clear.) The TW Representative told us we were sent a written contract, clearly stating on the second page, there would be a price increase in 13 months. We honestly did not get this written contract. When we asked for verification of sending this written contract, he stated, we should have received it in a TW welcoming letter one month after we signed up. We keep all, yes all, the information we receive from our utility providers. Guess what, it not in the file. You see TW doesn't make mistake, they are perfect. In addition, BUYER BEWARE that when you ask a question or cost from one of TW representative's does not mean that when you talk to the next TW Representative it will be the same or even close. TW Representatives will quickly say or imply that you didn't understand what you were being told, or they'll say I don't know why you were told that. What it comes down to is you, the consumer's are dishonest and not trustworthy!

When I repeatedly explained my problem to 6 different TW representatives I was told that I was being difficult to work with, when all I wanted was for them to honor the quoted price for the 24 month TW bundle service.

Get this, TW will tell you that your conversation may be recorded, but when ask the TW representative to check their recordings of your previous conversation, they can't. WHY! Also, BUYER BEWARE that when your initial 24 month contract expires, TW will automatically renew your contract for another 24 month. The only notification about this will be attached to your monthly bill. Oh yea, don't to try cancel the contract before you receive this notice, because TW will not or can not recognize it. Finally, in my ending conversation with TW, I told him, "It appears no matter what I say or have been told, everything it set to the favor of TW, he replied, "Yep".

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