My last bill was more than double my regular monthly cable internet charge. It turns out that they charged me for an extra month and then decided to tack on a late fee for the previous month's bill even though I had automatic bill pay set up. I was then told that I would be refunded a portion of the extra month's charge as well as the late fee.

Since I cancelled service before the next billing cycle began, I asked why it was only a portion instead of the full amount. It turns out that they cancelled service twelve days after the date I requested, thus they charged me a prorated amount for these days in the next billing cycle.

While I was told that the full amount plus the late fee would be refunded, this should never have happened to begin with. It's ridiculous to charge a late fee with automatic bill pay, and it's ridiculous to cancel service twelve days late and then charge for these days. Lastly, I had to contact customer service three times - twice with chat and once over phone - before the issue was resolved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Phone Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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