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I used to work at TWC in customer service. I'm not a angry employee at all but I did have to get out of there after 6 months in customer service.

I went into the job with all the good intentions a person could have. I had TWC guidlines to follow or get dinged.We were put in situations that made us look and sound like babbling idiots.Callers were always asking for the supervisor. The supervisor would never take the call.Their idea for this was to have a none supervisor call them back in their own good time which was usually a long list. I could write a book about my short experience there.

They could lower their rates if they stopped the insane amount of commericals they run on TV. If you want cheaper rates then call them up and tell them you are thinking about going to a dish.

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I am also a former employee and will vouch for this. TWCable is notorious for not handling customer issues in an orderly fashion.

When they make agents use 2, sometimes 3 ordering systems to track problems, things often get overlooked. Agents are told that they have to get the customer off the phone in a certain amount of time, no matter what, and in order to qualify for bonus, agents will often transfer customers from one agent unto another to keep the call time under ten minutes, while not really helping the customer at all. Service Technicians are understaffed, underpaid, and undertrained, and often will leave a customer's home without really fixing the issue that's really causing their problems. Time Warner Cable's idea of resolving customer issues is to offer discounts, when the customer can't even get basic service.

Time Warner Cable employees are treated with disdain, the ones who are really trying to help (about 20%) and usually get the brunt of anger caused by the other agents trying to make their bonuses, that they are often subjected to stress-related health problems, both physical and mental.

I have personally seen two agents leave their call center by ambulance, agents throw up into buckets because they couldn't handle the stress imposed on them by their superiors. The ACLU has filed civil charges against Time Warner Cable many times about civil rights and health violations.

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