UNRELIABLELike a vending machine, if it doesn't work, you just lose.Cheaper service but sub standard. No bargain if you value your time at all.Reviews run 1's (80%) or 5's (20%). If it works , when it works, great. BUT lots of drops, loss of connection, including phone, and Customer service that sets a standard ( a very low one).THEY ARE UNABLE TO FIX ANYTHING THAT ISN'T DROP DEAD SIMPLEand Customer service that often just runs the clock on you, substituting being nice for being competent 85% of the time.LACK OF TECH SUP CONTINUITY AND FOLLOWUP GUARANTEES POOR RESULTS to any non simple problem

RECOMMENDATIONTry it if you dare, but drop it fast at the first sign of trouble , because it will NOT get better.

Comment from TWC Help of Time Warner Cable Business Owner 8/19/2015 I apologize for the service issues. We'll be happy to check signal and equipment and work from there. We can be contacted directly at facebook.com/twc or twitter.com/twc_help

Please see the TWC reply. Typical.I have been committed to making things work, and reporting outages and troubleshooting.Service still goes down regularly for an hour plus. loses DNS connectivityI feel played for a chump.They have the smile and script down, but that only worked the first several times.After that it is just a smiling insult, and a false pretend caring.I have reported problems Their answer to everything is Tech visit and new modem.I am at 8 tech visits and on my 5th modem.the 6m old new install line works . Duh. The line tech can't fix the upstream problem and nobody follows up.Smiles and politeness are nice, but do not replace an actual repair. NO ONE FOLLOWS UP . NO ONE AT TWC TAKES RESPONSIBILITY.TWC DOES NOT EMPOWER THEIR PEOPLE TO GET THINGS ACCOMPLISHEDTHIS IS A SYSTEM/MANAGEMENT PROBLEM nice workers, whom I would feel sorry for if I wasn't being abused by their company.

Watching them work is like watching some one try to get over a 10foot wall with 10 one foot ladders. The ladders all work. The plan doesn't.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Phone Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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