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I signed up for Warner Cable Internet service. They installed the modem on March 28th. It did not work.

Part of their problem is that their cable repairmen, and their tech service is 2 separate units, which do not work together, and do not know what each one is doing.

Since that date, I have had internet service on only 3 1/2 days. April 11th-12th-13th and part of April 14th.

I called again today, and the earliest they can send someone to check it out, is April 23rd.

Customer Service is almost non-existent, and there is no one to assist me with my complaints.

Arnold Kirkbride - Akron, Ohio

Review about: Time Warner Cable Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Can someone PLEASE tell me why Time Warner is the only cable company in Akron? Something shady is going on around here, because they have a monopoly, often have terrible service, and are constantly raising their prices!

I’ve lived all over the US, and have never been anywhere (but here) where you could not choose from 2-4 cable providers. It’s called healthy competition, and it’s the American way! I moved here 4 years back, but noticed for the past 25 years (when visiting my Mother here) that they were the only cable providers. This reeks of bad business being done behind closed doors, and someone being “paid off!” The county government, and Akron city council need to look into this!

I didn’t just fall off a turnip truck, and I know when something underhanded is happening. This is wrong!


Don't feel bad.... I live in Lorain County, and I have been having problems since 2005.

They advertise a average of 7mbps speed. They have came out and replaced my cable, modem, and the box our front.

Speed still averages around 2.5-3mbps, and this is NOT the speed I am paying for. It seems that when they come out, it's magically fixed for a day, but back to the slow speed soon thereafter.

St. Petersburg, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation #16665

Since day one Time Warner has lied and missled me. Just about everybody that I have dared to broach the subject with has felt the same.

This MONOPOLY Time Warner has on our video/high speed internet access in the Akron Metropolitan area is never more appearent than when you work through their "customer care" network. They are well trained at deflecting customer complaints off to some no-mans land of endless recorded loops of Time Warner advertising. How many people have been left on hold for hours waiting for a customer service rep?

When you do finally get one they pretty much ignore you if your complaint is something they might have to admit is their error and gove you some kind of credit for...Ill say it again MONOPOLY!!!!!!! ITS AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!

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