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TIME WARNER one of the worst companies in the entire U.S.

WARNING to YOU: Do NOT allow Time Warner to lie to you and get you to switch to the bundle package. They can't even keep their service operational. They buy the cheapest possible equipment so

the "service" goes from bad to worse, then to nothing at all. Once all the "services" go out their own people can't even tell the "chump customer" why. They expect you to put up with half-assed service that is hit and/or miss as though you lived in a third world country where the electricity goes on and off regularly. This isn't supposed to be Baghdad, but Time Warner operates as though it is.

Secondarily, they find ways to mimic the phone companies and quote one rate, then add all kinds of various fees to it to come up with another. Time Warner's dishonesty is evident from the outset, if you pay attention, as they offer a cable price---then charge more in order to get a cable box without which you can't receive their signal. They advertise the DVR, then charge you to have it.

Time Warner insults all "chumps" who get serviced by them by giving new "chump" signups the "bundle price" or other lower single "service", lower prices than they give to their long term customers. They will increase any "chump customers" prices as a Thank You for staying with their "service(s)".

If there is any genuine competition out there, please let me and all the other "chumps" know so we can give our business to a company that can at least keep their signal functioning, failing that could at least accurately tell the "chumps" why it isn't working and their phones are dropping all inbound calls without most "chumps" even being aware of it. You would think they would at least demonstrate a tiny bit of intelligence by having your calls go to voice mail, not a chance with these jackasses!

If you enjoy paying for "service(s)" that is not dependable, constantly finding ways to increase their prices while decreasing the "quality" of their "services", then adds insult to injury by making you play push a hundred buttons before any human will actually talk to you, their "chump customer", then and only then, Time Warner is certainly the place to get "serviced".

We know Time Warner steals business by setting up monopolies within most areas by claiming they need to recover their grid investments in order to "service" the community. Isn't it a shame that Time Warner doesn't have any ethical business executives who understand that backroom deals with local politicians, then 2nd class service to the community and all the "chumps" in it, will only bring in profits as long as they do not have genuine competition. Dish and Direct TV are not genuine competition, because they use similar business models. Where are the little start-ups that can let us "chumps" turn them into "champs"? Start-ups, let us know how to support you and we will do so immediately.

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