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The title says it all. In about a 10-12 county area the only internet service providers are Time Warner and AT&T.

Why won't other ISP companies such as Verizon Fios, Comcast or many others move into the Beaumont area and start internet service? Time Warner has a strangle hold on the entire market. There are plenty of people who would switch because they are just completely fed up with Time Warner. I just can't understand why no other companies will move in and give Time Warner a run for their money.

Houston is less then an hour away and have many different ISP's available to choose from. BTW I have At&T DSL because Time Warner won't extend the lines 50feet across the road.

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Silsbee, Texas, United States #617744

I totally agree. I moved to the Beaumont area a few years ago and was quite shocked at the lack of ISP's.

Your right Time warner and AT&T are the only 2 that have high speed Inet. Of course you can get Dish and Direct TV but I would love for Verizon Fios to move in and blow them out of the water. Fios Inet is 3x faster then Time warner. All the other ISP companies either don't care to capitalize on a market that is seriously lacking or their afraid to take on the monopoly that is Time warner.

Here's hoping someone will take notice. Maybe Google will throw us a bone and put in their new Fiber.

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