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Update by user Feb 26, 2013

Although they finally seem to be clearing the issue up. They continue to take NO RESPONSIBILITY for their poor record keeping and customer service.

I have discovered that my own parents have been ripped off by them. My father paid for his own modem and they made him return it claiming it was their equipment. He did because he could not find the receipt. So many other people are telling me about their horror stories.

I am so glad that I switched to AT&T. At least they do not accuse the customer or speak to them in a condescending way.

Original review posted by user Feb 25, 2013

Time Warner Cable claims that I have an "unreturned modem", even after I provided receipts for all returned equipment. They claim their records don't match, but refuse to take responsibility for their messed up records.

I have been trying to resolve this issue immediately after receiving a statement which should that I owed for a "Unreturned Modem" in August 2012 after numerous complaints, I received two separate emails indicating I would be getting my refund, but still no refund and every time I called I am told that their records show that I have "unreturned modem". Either Time Warner Cable is handing out bogus receipts or their records are messed up.

This does not matter to them, because they must believe the customer is always wrong. How desperate are they that they refuse give me a refund.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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