First, I want to apologize for my grammar. English is my second language. When I first connected time warner internet/tv, the guy that came to install said he will install another wire for me in the bedroom for free, so I just said ok, great! That didn't happen. I didn’t ask for it and I was charge for it in my bill. I just paid it because it wasn't worth the hassle for $15. I ended up canceling my tv service since I rarely watched tv but kept my internet.

Two years later, one of my bill shows a $5 charge for "renting" their modem. I called and said I never rented their equipment. I have always had my own modem. The guy said he will waive the fee for me. The next month, my bill went up $5 dollars. I called again thinking it was the charge for the modem. I was told that my promotion price ended and the price went up $5 dollars. I told them my promotion price ended 6 months after I connected my service and I have been paying $44.99 for the last 2 years! I just thought it was such a nice coincidence that my bill jumped exactly $5 right after I told them I don't have their equipment.

Around this time, I was looking to buy a house too, and I absolutely refuse to look at areas that time warner service! Luckily, I found a house I love that Cox cover. My billing cycle runs from the 20-21 every month. I called to cancel on the 16th. A few weeks later, I received a bill. I called them and they said I called to cancel on the 16th, but they didn’t process the cancellation until the 29th, so I own them for 8 days. I was mad! I told them it’s not my fault they didn’t process it on the day I called. So, the girl said she will talk to her supervisor and then told me they will reverse the charge and issue me a credit of $9 dollars, which I have yet to receive and it’s been 2 and half months! Last week, I received a bill from a collection agency that I owe for their equipments. I called time warner again! The guy told me that my account is clear and to ignore the collection notice. I then received a call from the collection agency. I called time warner again and they said I owe them their modem. If I dont return it, then I will have to pay the charge! I'm at my wits' end here. After 2 and half months of canceling my service, I'm still dealing with them!

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