I cant even count how many times I have had to deal with this problem. I get a bill that is higher than what I am supposed to and call them.

They tell me that their promotional rates have changed. I put up a fight and end up talking to someone in their customer retention or customer solutions department. The service representative does some stuff and applies some discount and promises that my bill will be a certain amount. I confirm with them multiple times that this is the amount that I will receive a bill for after all taxes and fee's are applied.

They answer yes your next bill will be this amount and it will stay this amount for this specified amount of time. Bill comes that month and is a higher price that what was agreed upon. I call back, end up talking to the customer solutions department again. They tell me that I that bill that I received is the absolutely lowest that anyone could pay for the services that I am receiving.

They then proceed to try and change my plan around and apply discounts, downgrade services eventually arriving at a number closer to what I was supposed to be paying but still more. I ask them to send me something in writing to confirm this price so that I have some proof that this is what was agreed upon. They of course refuse, stating that their legal depart doesn't let them send any correspondence to customers. I wonder why, because when they send me my next bill guess what its not the agreed upon price.

If they would have sent me something in writing stating one price and charging me another they would have to honor that price or I could get them for fraud! I started to tell the customer solution representatives to note the price that we discussed on the notes section of my account along with their name, then make them read exactly what they wrote to me. Then I wrote it down. Its pretty easy to tell when they didn't write anything if you ask them to read it again right before you get off the phone with them and it changes or they try to paraphrase it.

I then ask them to tell me verbatim what they wrote. 9 times out of 10 they will delete it after they hang up but I had one guy that didn't. In my most recent waste of time calling for the same thing again, I told them that in my last call I demanded that they put the agreed upon price in the notes section of my account and told them that I recorded exactly what he told me that he wrote. I read it to him and he put me on hold.

He picked up about 30 seconds later stating that he found the message in the notes section and it did indeed list an agreed on price. He said that he had to fill out a "customer escalation", form and a supervisor will have to call me back to resolve this. I'm almost certain that no one will call me back as usual and I will have to call and go through a bunch of hoops again to talk to anyone worth a sh**. I think that I will be recording calls with them from now on.

I will start be telling them that I am recording this call to ensure that what keeps happening will come with legal actions if it continues. Its been 6 hours since the supervisor was supposed to call me so well see how this turns out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Time Warner Cable Phone Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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