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The volume and power on my remote was not working so I called Time warner cable customer service for assistance and to my misfortune I was connected to an indivdual named "Kimathie". From the very beginning he was unprofessional, he asked for my acct.

info and would cut me off mid sentence before I could finish answering his question. Then he began to give me instructions that I was supposed to follow if only he was not speaking @100MPM, it was incredable he ran throught the instructions so fast that I had to stop him and ask him to slow down please, he just went silent when I asked "are you there" he said "well yes I am but you asked me to slow down so I did." I relized then that this was going nowhere and I should've hung up then. The remote was not responding so he told me he would reboot the box just hold on and tell him when the time comes back on the box. In the mean time I can hear him in the background saying to someone that a customer called him earlier and asked him a question (I did'nt hear what the question was) he said "and I was like really *** really are you really that *** oh my God".

I immediatly felt *** because I relized he was looking at me in that same light. I am an educated woman with a masters degree in nursing working in an ER saving lives everyday and here is this person making me feel as though I am bothering him. Towards the end of this arduous phone call when all his attempts falied he ended by saying "well I don't know what else to tell you cause I can't help you." The entire call this person had a condescending pissed off tone .

When I asked him his name and did'nt understand what he said he responded, "no,no,no my name Kim-ma-tie you know like a woman's name. My remote still does not work, as soon as FIOS come to my neighbourhood I want TWC out of my house!!!!!!!

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those surveys are for there customer service but dont take them lightly as they impact there employees. You grade there reps bad the lose money on there bonus checks and can even be terminated.

With the way the economy is I wouldnt want anyone to lose there job behind a dumb survey as long as you give there reps a 8 9 10 and on question 4 rank timewarner what ever you and answer yes to question 5 you protect another fellow worker. The company may suck but i dont wish unemployment or loss of wages on anyone and they treat there employees like that. Next time you call ask the rep point blank does that survey impact there job. They will say no because the company tells them not to influence the numbers.

The sad thing is from what a sup told me there all the really care about is that *** 4th question because its about recommending ppl to there company so if you grade that rep u spoke to good they have to pay them more and they cant fire them spread the word people. We dont want more working class people without jobs or losing money we all work hard from day to day to earn what we can to provide for our families


TW customer service lies (saying they're in the U.S. and not even understanding expressions like "might as well." Company policy (I figure, since it's happened at least 6 times) is to say they'll transfer you to a supervisor, then, after a long hold time, they disconnect you.

One employee was actually a "back in your face" type.

Insulted me, refused to connect me to supervisor and again, disconnected me. I called them as a favor, and after the abuse I took, indeed it WAS quite a favor.


i called tw cable to complain about my service at 11am one day and the woman who answered was from the phillipines. how the *** can someone from the phillipines help me in new york?

why doesnt time warner cable hire people from here? people in this country needs jobs. support america. time warner has a monopoly on my area.

verizon told me time warner owns this area so they cant come here.

what is this? im disgusted with this overpriced company.

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